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Get Ready To Download: Official UEFA EURO 2012 Application

|June 11 2012 |Mobile Apps


The 2012 version of the European Championships commenced this week. Here is the official Euro 2012 app that will give you all the Euro info you need right on your palm.

Even if football isn’t your thing, these applications will assist you get ready for next year’s FIFA World Cup.

Offical UEFA EURO 2012 Application

The official UEFA EURO 2012 application keeps you near to all the action during the 14th UEFA European Football Championship.

Wherever you’re, stay tuned to the tournament, follow your pet team and share the thrill with your pals on Facebook and Twitter.

Read and share the latest articles on the UEFA EURO 2012 tournament, set up personalized alerts for the newest news regarding your favorite group, comprising game results and watch players and coaches give video interviews.

The application also consists of calendar, standings, lineups, players profiles, detailed statistics and photo section.

UEFA EURO 2012 TM by Carlsberg

This free application brings you all the traits a football fan could want.

Daily global news ahead of and during the contest, live game notes, live group boards and match facts and group and player profiles.

There is also a video segment comprising player to watch, venue guides, press meets during the contest, and a calendar function to append the game of your group.

In addition vote for Carlsberg Man of The Match Honor live in the UEFA Euro 2012.

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