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Google announces Ingress reality game

sunil|November 17 2012 |Product Launch, New Product, Google, Mobile Games

Google has come up with a new massive augmented reality game, christened Ingress, for the Android based smartphones. It is a massive multiplayer game built upon augmented reality. Here players are expected to form alliance, complete tasks and unravel the suspense behind the power discovered. At present this game is closed beta and users are told to register for beta access at its official website ingress.com.


This game is cryptic and developed by Niantic Labs of Google. There is a Niantic Project website acting as a probing Board carrying all cryptic clues and secret codes. It is meant to be used in the game. By the way, the game comes free-to-play.

This game has a mysterious power source excavated by a group of scientists in Europe. The players concerned, can join any one of the two teams, namely, The Enlightened and The Resistance. The former is an alliance formed to hold the unleashed power of the suspenseful energy. The latter is meant for defending humanity by joining the struggle.

To play one needs to install the app and use the phone's camera to locate and unlock the clues. This game is global. All players can keep track of each other.This means, people will be keeping tab of their gamer friends, but legitimately.

After installation, the app requests access to users' Google Account. One can register with existing account or can use any other email account. The game requires smartphones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher.

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