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How to: Turn off camera sounds on Windows Phone 8 devices

|December 2 2013 |Nokia, Windows Phone 8, How-to

Here’s how you can permanently turn off the annoying camera shutter sound on WP8 devices

Despite of all the advances in technology there are a few things that smartphones still aren’t able to achieve. For instance the ‘click’ sound of a mechanical camera shutter is what all smartphones emulate with a synthetic, rather annoying sound. Apart from being annoying for the users, this sound also is uncomfortable for other people and they might get a feel that the user is capturing their picture, while you are just trying to capture your own, using the front camera.

On the Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone 8 based smartphones this sound is exceptionally annoying, due to a better speaker phone. To turn it off you can turn down all the sounds, but it also puts the phone on silent/vibrator.

But if you are looking out for a better way, then here is how you can permanently turn off all camera related sounds on your Windows Phone 8 based device.

Step 1


Turn on your device and scroll down to the settings shortcut if you have it placed on the home screen, alternatively you can also swipe right to left to bring up the app drawer and scroll down to settings menu and select it to enter.


Step 2


Once inside the settings tab, scroll to the ‘ringtones+sounds’ sub menu under settings.

Step 3


Once inside, scroll down to the very end of the tab. Here you will see a number of options related to sounds and notifications on the device. From the given options select ‘Camera Shutter’ option.

Step 4


To turn off the camera shutter sound, uncheck the tick-box right before the option. This will disable the camera sounds while capturing images, even when the volume on the device is set to max level.

* Please be advised that this option also disables notification sounds that come while capturing screenshots as well. So if you rely on the sound for screenshot confirmation, you might not want to turn off the sounds.

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