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HTC Sense 5 Screenshots leaked

|January 23 2013 |Mobiles, Industry News

Some new screenshots of the much awaited User Interface from HTC, the Sense 5 have surfaced recently.


The leaked HTC Sense 5 User Interface has been claimed to be seen running on an Android 4.1.2 OS Device. The Leaked Screenshots of HTC Sense 5 User Interface suggest that  the upcoming UI from the Company will witness the absence of a ringed Screen Lock.

While there has been witnessed the presence of a more flat and cleaner look on the Android device with the upcoming User Interface from HTC, the Widgets appearing on the Device seem to bear a clean look along with a narrower font than before. The Icons look flat as compared to their appearance on the previous versions of the Sense User Interface.

HTC Sense 5 User Interface can be now speculated on the basis of the leaked Screenshots to be very different from the Sense 4+ User Interface from HTC.

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