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A trip through time: the most iconic Motorola devices

|January 20 2016 |Motorola, List, List of Mobiles

Motorola is a name that makes us quite nostalgic. This American MNC has not only made its mark on the tech industry but also on people’s hearts. If we went about asking everyone about what Motorola means to them, the answers would vary. There would probably be a few who'd be indifferent, but for most others, the brand would hold a special place in their chain of memories. After numerous years of innovation, the name Motorola is going away and its devices would only bear Moto branding under its parent company Lenovo. So how about we give it the proper send-off to show how grateful we are for everything Motorola has brought on the table? We’ll be counting down the devices crafted by Motorola which have been on the top of the innovation pyramid at different points in time.

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