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Intex and Techberry fight shameless cloning wars

|November 24 2010 |Industry News

Exactly 9 days ago, we reported about India's First projector mobile called Techberry ST-200 from Techberry mobiles. Today, there's a news about another India's First projector mobile called Intex V-SHOW. I am disappointed with this shameless exhibition of being the 'FIRST among CLONERS' war..! I will explain why.


We did figure out that ST-200 is nothing but a white-labelled chinese projector mobile from Kakatech. You can check out the specs and pics here. Will any person with common sense believe otherwise?

When companies market a product that is purely white-labelled (that is manufactured by a third party as a commodity) that too for the products that are not exclusive, I would suggest to keep away..! And what's more annoying is the fact that Intex claims that they are the first..which clearly is not. The entire blogosphere has gone 'gaga' over these projector mobiles from intex! But we somehow are not excited but disappointed..!

Image of the original kakatech product:

Leaflet of Intex V-SHOW

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