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iOS 6 vs iOS 7 - The definitive comparison guide

|June 13 2013 |Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iOS

Apple unveiled their all new iOS 7 in the recently concluded developer event. iOS 7 has a refreshingly new design that is simple, clean, elegant and enjoyable. The original iOS 6 UI was not bad all. Everyone thought, it is perfect. Only when you compare iOS 7 UI against the iOS 6 UI, you will realize how much outdated the iOS 6 UI has been!

Let's take a look at some screenshots comparing the iOS 6 UI and iOS 7 UI.

iOS 6 Home screen vs iOS 7 Home screen

iOS 6 Homescreen vs iOS 6 7 homescreen

iOS 6 Contacts screen vs iOS 7 contacts UI

iOS 6 Contacts App vs iOS 7 Contacts app

iOS 6 incoming phone call vs iOS 7 incoming phone call

Receiving an incoming phone call on iOS 6 vs iOS 7

Messages app on iOS 6 vs iOS 7

Messaging app on iOS 6 and iOS 7 compared side by side

UI Screenshots Collage of iOS 6 vs iOS 7


Matt Gemmell
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