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LG Optimus Pad all set to crush Apple iPad

|February 11 2011 |Android, LG, tablet, 4G, Break through, Dual Core Smartphones

LG has been in the news for the last few months. They have launched the world's first dual core processor called LG Optimus 2X. They have announced the world's first 3D Camera Phone called LG Optimus 3D. They have also announced the world's first 3D Camera Tablet powered by Android Honeycomb with Dual core processor called LG G-Slate also known as LG Optimus Pad. Optimus Pad is also the world's first 4G Tablet powered by Honeycomb.


Chances are that you would be remembering the transformer Optimus if you have seen the movie Transformers. LG has released a commercial which shows Optimus transformer destroying and crushing the apple single-handedly! The video begins with LG optimus Pad transforming into giant robot with a caption saying "The war is not over yet". It fights with bad guys and finally holds an apple on the hand and crushes it with fingres! LG intends to kill apple iPad with Optimus Pad...? I guess LG can aim for whatever they want, but its hard to kill Apple...!

LG Optimus Pad Commercial - Transformer style

T-Mobiles version of LG Optimus Pad

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