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Microsoft to begin Windows Phone 7.8 Update

|January 26 2013 |Mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, Breaking News

Microsoft seems all ready to bring out a Windows Phone 7.8 at the conclusion of this month sources report. Sources said that the reports will come by January end or 31st exactly. If these sources are well informed the update process is on its way although all the phones may not get updated at the same time, as soon as the upgrades start. The start screen for the Windows Phone will be the same as the Windows Phone 8.


Once Microsoft starts updating and sets the program in motion, carriers will be charged with the duty of approving and sending the update to its users. This procedure may take ages, depending on the phone itself. More popular phones such as the Nokia’s Lumia 710 and 900 could possibly enjoy a faster upgrade as opposed to devices that aren't so popular. The updates will work as per this scheme. T-Mobile is set to give out updates, ahead of its rivals. However none of the major Companies have given word about their plans to release the update let alone a time frame.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update will include a ton of features you'll find on the Windows Phone 8 to older models.  The most attractive of these new features is surely the Start screen where users can customize and resize the size of each app's live tile. So all in all these features particularly the Start screen will give users a feel of how the current  Windows Phones look like, cause it looks exactly like that, however we can't say it will have the same functionality cause it won't. Also there won't be any major changes on the OS through the Windows Phone 7.8, with the obvious consequence that some apps made for Windows Phone 8 won't work on it since Microsoft is using the same code base it uses for Windows RT and Windows 8. Deliberate move? Hmmm...

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