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Mobile Newsreel - 17 Oct 2012–iPhone 5 shortage, iPad mini and more

|October 17 2012 |

  • Everything comes at a cost and so does the iPhone 5. Its the lightest iPhone till date. To make it thinner and faster, the design has gone complex which is now resulting in to an inefficient production of iPhone 5. A report by WSJ discusses in detail.

  • Signing up on Facebook can earn you talk times. The social site is testing a new way to lure mobile users where You can win Rs 50 of talk time to sign up on Facebook through your mobile . Get more details.

  • Rumors for iPad Mini don’t seem to stop. Latest addition to its rumormill claims iPad mini to feature this display.

  • Microsoft unveiled the price of Surface tablet today and Guess what’s next. Its sold out.

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