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Mobile Newsreel – 22 Oct 2012 – Combo Plans, Angry Birds and more

|October 22 2012 |

- Telecom operators are allowed to segregate the recharge vouchers into 3 categories : plan vouchers, top-ups and STVs. Under the new directive from TRAI, the operators will be able to merge two or more categories now under a 4th category called Combo plans. Read more details here.

- Angry Birds Star Wars is all set to release on Nov 8th but we are yet to get a clue on the storyline. The newest short teaser from Rovio doesn’t disclose anything as well.

- Phablets are the next big thing in the mobile industry. Many companies are already in whether many are still waiting to join the bandwagon. Latest rumor suggests Sony also preparing itself to Join the herd with the launch of phablet under its Xperia series.

- Microsoft has fingers crossed for the upcoming Windows 8 OS. The success of OS is a matter of time but the experts have started putting their views on it. Here’s an expert opinion of Mark Spoonauer from Laptop Mag. He discusses 5 things which could lead to the failure of the operating system.

- Are you ready for the tomorrow’s Apple event? They are famous for unveiling big things in their events. To get an idea on what all are under the sleeves, read this preview from Techcrunch discussing all the possibilities.

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