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Mobile Phone Timeline

|November 21 2010 |Fun, Trivia

Came across this mobile phone timeline in the openmobilesummit website. This is worthwhile to share...Here you go!

Open Mobile Timeline:

July - Apple launches iPhone
Sept - Nokia announces OVI - move into Internet services
Oct - Apple announces it will open iPhone to 3rd party developers
Nov - Google announces Open Handset Alliance and Android OS
Nov - Verizon will open its network to 'any device, any application'

Feb - LiMo foundation launch first handsets
June - Symbian acquired by Nokia who plan to open source the OS
July - Apple ships 3G iPhone with embedded 'App Store' - a new market is created
Sept - T-Mobile launches first Android phone
Nov - World leaders meet at first Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco
Dec - Netbook and Mobile Internet Device markets enjoy growth despite downturn

Jan - Palm launches WebOS
Feb - PC manufacturers launch smartphones, Vodafone launches second Android phone, HTC Magic
April - Blackberry App Store launches, Nokia/Adobe launch Open Screen Initiative
May - OVI app store launches, Vodafone announce app store ACER announce Android netbook
June - Open Mobile Summit London - Sold out!
Oct - FCC Chairman Genachowski promises to uphold principles of net neutrality in wireless
Oct - Android steals the show at CTIA with announcements from AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Dell and Kyocera
Oct - Korea allows the iPhone. O2's UK iPhone exclusivity ends. Kindle coming to Europe
Nov - Second annual Open Mobile Summit 09 San Francisco - Sold out! (and Palm announces Ares platform at show)

Jan - Google launches Nexus One
Jan - Microsoft announces the HP Tablet 'Slate PC
Jan - Apple launches iPad
Feb – Operators announce WAC
April – Digital Economy Bill in UK
April – HP to acquire Palm
May – Android Q1 sales outstrip iPhone
May – 2nd Open Mobile Summit London
October - Apple break into top 5 largest phone makers
October - Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7 in Europe
November - Samsung launch Android OS Galaxy Tab in Europe
Nov – 3rd Open Mobile Summit San Francisco
To be continued...

Via http://www.openmobilesummit.com/

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