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Multiple downloads bug rectified with iOS 6.0.1

sunil|November 17 2012 |OS Updates, Mobile OS

Apple released iOS 6.0 update in September this year and even now there are old issues continuing with it, if we believe Public Radio Exchange (PRX) Labs.

ios 6 bug

The lab has lately discovered a bug in it. It is in the AV Foundation Framework that makes multiple downloads of the Audio files and Podcasts. However, the bug has now been fixed in the iOS 6.0.1 update.

PRX Labs said the Podcast App of Apple triggered downloading of same audio files several times over Cellular Networks or Wi-Fi. The bug is due to the Podcast player is sending requests more than once per second and also closes those rapidly.

In layman language the Audio Framework of the mobile operating system sends multiple requests for downloading the files per second. As the request is in process the download is stopped intermittently. This means that only small portion of the downloads are completed of the actual file and still it sends request to further download. This results in consumption of more data packages and downloading of multiple files than what is needed.

Well, thanks to Apple for coming up with an important update as iOS 6.0.1 and there has been now a final good buy to this irritating multiple downloads bug.

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