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Google Nexus devices through the years: walk down the memory lane

|October 3, 2016 |Google, List, List of Mobiles

"If you didn't own one, you probably envied the ones who did; here's a list of all the Nexus smartphones ever launched"

Popular for delivering the best Android experience you can find on a smartphone, Google's Nexus devices have always been some of the most anticipated smartphones over the past few years. Not just the regular consumers but even developers prefer buying Nexus phones to code for Android. That said, Nexus phones have seen their share of crests and troughs with some devices becoming bestsellers, while some failing to prove their worth. With recent reports suggesting that Google might be giving up the Nexus branding for its upcoming Pixel smartphones, which are incidentally launching tomorrow (October 4), it got us nostalgic about the legendary series. We presume that you share our feeling, and hence we've rounded up all the Nexus devices that have launched up till now.

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