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Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nokia X: brothers at war

|March 31 2014 |Android Phones, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone 8, Nokia lumia

“Both the Lumia 520 and X look similar and are available in a similar price bracket, but it’s more than what meets the eye”

Nokia’s mobile phones have commendable build quality and that’s how the brand has been able to build itself a reputation over the years. Even when the Apple iPhone (and later Android) came flaunting touchscreens and smart capabilities, Nokia loyalists were keen on buying the Finnish brand’s devices only. Nokia did try its luck with touchscreens, but since the Symbian-based devices didn’t enjoy a large ecosystem of apps, the products didn’t fare well in the market. Then in 2011, the brand finally started venturing into the world of touchscreen smartphones, but instead of going with the popular choice of Android, it chose Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. Three years later, the Lumia series of WP devices have helped the OS to reach third position after Android and iOS, but Nokia is nowhere amongst the top manufacturers.

Perhaps, that’s why the company finally decided to go with Android in the form of the Nokia X family. Interestingly, the devices don’t run full-fledged Android and the company hopes that the X family will act as a ‘feeder system’ for the Lumia range of devices. However, the pricing of the Nokia X brings it at par with the one of the best-selling smartphones of last year, the Lumia 520. So, if you are confused between the two, here’s a comparison in pictures. Let’s begin…

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