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Six ways to ensure your phone battery doesn't explode

|September 14, 2016 |Mobiles, How-to

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 (first impressions) was arguably one of the most awaited smartphones of 2016. But only a few days after the launch, users started reporting issues with the phone’s battery, which in some cases caused explosions rendering the device useless and putting people at risk. While incidents like these are very rarely seen, we appreciate how the Korean giant is handling the problem by issuing a global recall of the smartphone. However, the Note7 isn’t the only smartphone which has been in the news recently for battery explosions.

For instance, just a few days back in China, a Xiaomi Mi 4C reportedly exploded in a man’s back pocket, leaving him severely injured with third degree burns. Instances like these raise some serious questions. How can we be sure that our smartphone is not drifting towards that ill fate?

Thankfully, by following just a few pointers, you can lower the probability of your smartphone hurting you in a fire or explosion. A gentle reminder, unless there is some serious flaw in the manufacturing of the phone and its components, it is highly unlikely that your smartphone will explode like the cases we’ve been hearing about in the past few days. But then again, it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

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