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Reliance GSM Launches a Unlimited On-Net Calling Packs

|May 26 2011 |Mobile Operators, Location Based Services, Reliance

Reliance Communications delights the customers of Reliance GSM network with a Special Tariff Voucher (STV). The Special Tariff Vouchers of value Rs.195 and Rs.295 were announced for prepaid subscribers of Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata & West Bengal circles. With this STV one can enjoy free local calling unlimited to Reliance numbers.


The Special Tariff Voucher Rs.195 is announced for Reliance GSM prepaid Subscribers in Mumbai, Delhi and some other R-Com circles. This voucher is valid for 30 days and provides Free 195 minutes Local off-net calling (to other network numbers). While STV-295 is available for Kolkata, West Bengal and someother RTL circles providing Free 295 minutes Local off-net calling. Apparently, this voucher is valid for 30 days and all the on-net local calls will be absolutely free.

Price of STV Benefits Validity Circles
Rs. 295 Local R2R Unlimited

295 Mins Bundled Off-Net Talk Time *

30 Days Kolkata, West Bengal ( RTL circles)
Rs. 199 Local R2R Unlimited 30 Days Kolkata, West Bengal (RTL circles)
Rs. 195 Local R2R Unlimited

195 Mins Bundled Off-Net Talk Time *

30 Days Mumbai, Delhi and RCOM GSM circles
Rs. 49 Local R2R Unlimited 7 Days Kolkata, West Bengal (RTL  circle)

These Special Tariff Vouchers are available only through eRecharge. For more details please reach the customer service centers of dial *333 from your Reliance mobile.

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