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Role Of Smartphones & Technologies In Mobile Learning…

|October 20 2010 |

Growing usage of mobile phones across the world has led many companies to come out with dynamic and creative functionalities as well as technologies. In the past few years, mobile learning has moved beyond the hype. The ubiquitous availability of technology, the advancement of technologies in smartphones, and the development of learning applications have brought mobile learning into schools and universities.

Mobile learning can be augmented by using the functionalities of both handheld computers and mobile phones. With the inception of the iPod, ‘Podcasting’ created new ways to distribute content. Similarly, convergent devices like the iPhone and smartphones using the Android, Symbian and Blackberry operating system are extending the boundaries of education.

There is a vast scope of mobile learning. It can enhance group collaboration among students and instructors using a Pocket PC; job training, learning with handheld or wearable technologies solves a problem of classroom education; student can learn outdoors, for example on field trips; support informal or lifelong learning, such as using handheld dictionaries and other devices for language learning; and also provide audiovisual support to enhance training.


Tablet PC, smartphones, handheld audio and multimedia guides, handheld game consoles etc are some technologies that can support mobile learning in much better way.

On the contrary, it is important to have a clear understanding of how and where tomorrow's mobile technology can be employed to support valuable learning, as looking at the current trend the educational developments continues to be more technology driven rather than user learner driven.

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