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Rumour – Apple iPhone 5S will be released in first quarter of 2013

Techakko|November 16 2012 |Apple iPhone, Rumours

Apple launched its new iPhone 5 a few weeks back and now there are rumours about iPhone 5S. According to a report by Digitimes, Company is expected to reveal its new version of iPhone 5 in the starting months of 2013. Apple might start production of a new version of iPhone 5 or rumour suggests a new name iPhone 5S in the December this year. Initial production volume of this device is expected to be around 50k to 100k units. Same reports suggest that Apple has started working to go through the certification process for the components and related parts of iPhone 5S.


Owners of iPhone 5 might feel a little awkward with that, because we expect iPhone 5S will be having improved UI and without any problems that were found in the iPhone 5, and this is happening pretty soon just after this device hit the shelves of stores in some countries. Guys don’t be so sure at the moment because there is no official word by Apple on this issue yet.

We noticed shortage of iPhone 5 handsets in the market after its launching, and that might be one of the assumptions we can relate to the pre-production of iPhone 5S before its launching. Maybe company wants to develop large volume of devices first to make it available to lots of consumers after the launching.

We will be updating you further in the future related iPhone 5S launching date, official statements, features and price. So keep in touch for sure. And don’t forget to share your experience on iPhone 5 with latest iOS 6 in the comments section below if you have bought one.


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