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Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 review in pictures

|August 9, 2016 |Android Phones, Samsung, Reviews, 4G, 4G LTE

Making up for the scarcity of its smartphones in the budget segment, Samsung started by launching the Galaxy J1, followed it up by the Galaxy J5 and J7, and then launched the Galaxy On5 (review) and On7 (review) as well. Availability of a top tier brand at an affordable price tag is something a large number of consumers still enjoy. To serve the same share of consumers, Samsung came up with 2016 editions of the Galaxy J5 and J7, which offer better designs and specs than their predecessors. While a full-fledged review of the J5 is already up on the blog, here's a bite-sized review of the bigger of the duo...the Samsung Galaxy J7 2016.

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