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Samsung Galaxy Note Peaks 5 Million Sales

|March 28 2012 |Samsung

Samsung announced the hottest news that the Galaxy Note surpasses 5 million sales since launch. Samsung introduced the device 5 months back, that was in the month of October 2011. The device with its unleashing performance, won the praise from consumers and media across the globe. Also, the device gained traction with the performance test conducted by a European Consumer group with France, Belgium, Italy and Netherlands.


Samsung recently announced a Premium Suite upgrade along with ICS update for Galaxy Note consumers. The update boosts the device performance and offers exclusive features to the S-Pen. The Samsung Galaxy Note is a revolutionary device with its 5.3-inch Super-AMOLED HD display and an accurately writing S-Pen. Samsung in an effort to cater the worldwide customers announced the device for Japan at Developer Conference held at Tokyo today. The Samsung Galaxy Note will start selling in Japan from next month through NTT DoCoMo featuring LTE support.

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