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Samsung is No.1 Smartphone brand in India: Report

|April 3 2013 |Industry News, Statistics

The South Korean manufacturer Samsung has grabbed the number one smartphone manufacturer position in the Indian market. According to CyberMedia research report, Samsung's share has grown up to 41 percent in the Smartphone market in India.


Samsung, which is also the number one Smartphone manufacturer of the world has managed to grab this position with its popular Galaxy Series. Note that the report does not consider some popular smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Grand categorizing them as Phablets, else the figures for Samsung  could have been even better.

The Finnish manufacturer, Nokia has managed to grab the second position with 13.3 percent share in Smartphone market of India. Sony Mobile follows at third position with 8.2 percent market share. Whereas the famous Indian brand Micromax is on the fourth position.

Coming onto overall mobile phone market share in India, Nokia is still unbeaten at number one position with 21.8 percent share while Samsung and Micromax hold 13.5 percent and 6.6 percent share respectively.

The CMR report also stated that the handset market of mobile phone in India grew by 20.8 percent in 2012. Around 221.6 million units of handsets were sold as compared to 183.4 million units in 2011.

Samsung offers Galaxy Series running on Google’s Android Operating System starting at a price of Rs.6,000, whereas Nokia Lumia series starts from Rs.9,500. This can be a big factor for Samsung’s increased market share. But coming onto mobile phone segment, Nokia with its successful Asha Series is still a key player in the segment where Samsung has recently launched its Rex Series.

Now, it would be interesting to see if that can change the figures in 2013?

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