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Samsung shows off Flexible screens and transparent screens

|January 10 2011 |Display technology, Mobile Displays

Samsung Electronics is definitely living on the bleeding edge! They are churning out innovations after innovations on the consumer electronics and more so on the components such as chipsets, screens and displays. Two technologies that we are gonna be talking about seems very futuristic..It appears as if the sci-fi movies can no longer claim the 'fiction' part :) The fiction is becoming a reality...


First up is the prototype of Samsung Flexible AMOLED 4.5 inch WVGA display screen. This screen measures just 2 mm thick. The screen can be morphed into any shape. It's such a flexible screen. You can literally roll it down to one centimeter radius and slip it on to your pockets. This technology is made possible thanks to the new plastic substrate which can withstand the demands of manufacturing requirements. Plastic substrates are ideally suited for flexible displays and prior to this plastic substrates melted at 400 degrees temperature. The new plastic substrate can withstand upto 500 degrees. The screens that can be bent, flexed or curved has been researched and prototyped by other manufacturers too such as Sony and LG. However what makes the Samsung's breakthrough significant is the resolution that can be packed in the flexible screen! Samsung thus claims the title for "World's highest resolution flexible amoled screen".

Quick specifications:
Resolution: 480x800 WVGA
Screen size: 4.5 inch
Bending radius: <10mm
Weight: 2.1 g
Thickness: 2.7mm
Color depth: 16.7 million colours
Brightness: 300 cd/m2

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display, Sony and LG flexible display

Video of Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display at CES 2011

Video showing flexible screens withstanding the onslaught of sledgehammer!

Next up is the prototype of transparent display from Samsung. Samsung showcased a 19 inch transparent amoled display in CES 2011. These transparent screens will soon be reality in the hands of consumer. Looks like the scenes in minority report, avatar, iron man 2 are no longer fictitious stuff :)

Transparent 14 inch AMOLED from Samsung at CES-2011

Via OLED-display

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