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Simplest Cellphone in the world

|November 25 2010 |Cool Phones, Senior Citizen Phones

When handset manufacturers are vying to create most advanced and sophisticated handsets, there's a small company in dutch that is striving for the exact opposite. Yes, their mission is to create the world's simplest phone!

The amsterdam-based dutch advertising agency called John Doe has created a most basic cell phone under the brand John's Mobiles. The handset allows you to make and receive phone calls. That's it! No frills. No camera, no mp3, no video, no facebook and nothing else...


The handset is a quad-band phone which allows it to work across the globe. The phone has a single ringtone with 3 levels of volume. Fortunately, the phone vibrates! They have gone to such extent that the phone does not even has an address-book. The address book is a paper and pen both of which are housed on the backside. The battery is good with a capacity of 1200mAH with a standby time of more than 3 weeks. The phone can be charged through adapter or through USB cable. Thankfully, the phone can house 10 speed-dial numbers. One set of earphones is provided to enable hands-free calling. Since the phone is manufactured with high-quality plastic it is resilient and water-resistant.

Simple On-off buttons and Volume controls
volume control

Paper-based Address book housed on the back of the phone.

Display unit housed on the top

It's not without a reason this gadget is called 'anti-Phone'. The phone comes in 5 colour choices and will cost 59-67 pounds. This is targetted towards the older generation who wants to keep things simple and who are overwhelmed with today's technology!

Colour choices

"At a time when there is an abundance of choices and oppressive channels, we wanted to develop a simple gadget," the Sun quoted the phone's designer, Diedriekje Bok, as saying. Interesting viewpoint.

Official website: www.johnsphones.com

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