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Sony X headphones - The headphones with a zing

|January 23 2013 |accessories, Sony

Sony has endeavoured to enter the highly buzzed market of professional headphones with the Sony X. Sony brought in the American Idol and X-Factor star Simon Cowell as a celebrity endorser for its latest releases, and hence the name. The Sony X headphones claimed to give the impression of being in the recording studio when the records are made. Here’s look at what the headphones really provide.


The Sony X packaging will at first remind you of something out of a sci-fi movie. The silver carrying case with bright red accents is really attention grabbing, while the unpacked new headset folded inside looks like a collapsed robot. In the pocket of the lid wait an array of accessories including two red interchangeable ribbon-style cables, and a 24K ¼ inch jack.

Design and Features

The X’s circular over-the-ear earpieces come with a brushed silver finish along with red accents. When its spongy grey-and-red ear pads collapse in when placed on the ears you will immediately like its feel. The two cables that included with the Sony X are interchangeable with a easy to handle interlocking system, and the second cable includes a three-button iOS-mic system for controlling Apple products. The downside of these great cables is that they are only 4 feet long.

The Sony X’s rotating earpieces are attached to thick plastic sliders that secure them to a white-and-red padded headband stamped with Sony’s logo, which is the only characteristic that connects it with other traditional Sony products. The heavy bulk of the headphones are apparently targeted towards younger consumers that would love its rather bold styling.

Fit and Comfort

Even after wearing it for a long time The Sony X headphones would make you feel comfortable on the ears, though the same can’t be said about your head. The ear pads really gives a voluptuous feel as they press against your ear lobes, they also provide an adequate amount of noise isolation to boot. However over time you may find them too heavy for the amount of padding provided on the top band.

Audio performance

If you wish to get your hands on the Sony X, then you will have to shell out about $300 dollars. With that price tag if you are expecting some heavy new technology involved, then you may not find any, though these headphones do come with some intricate sound delivery.

For valuation purpose the Sony X was paired with various devices to figure out its sound performance. The headphone’s drivers revealed the subtle differences in the direct output of the high-resolution converters of some mobile devices. They also easily revealed the differences in the quality between CDs, high bit-rate MP3’s, and those encoded at a lower quality.

When you try the Sony X with varying music types then, you will definitely find that their performance also changed with each genre. The headphones have wide and boomy bass upfront, a low midrange power, and sometimes little high treble.


This pair of headphones provides a zing, which is very suitable for young listeners with the lookout for style, comfort and heavy bass.

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