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Spice QT Pie

|February 11 2011 |Fun

Spice Mobiles has announced a new QT-58 that is loaded and looks cute and compact for the valentine's day! Nicknamed QT-Pie, this handset comes in three different colour choices. Spice Mobiles promotes this as follows "Have a crush on that cute girl? Just say it to her this valentines! Nice pick up line from the core of your heart & a QT 58 cutie pie phone as a gift will do it all!"


Quick Specifications Spice QT-58

1.3 MP Camera
Smart Divert
Track Pad | Dual Speakers
8GB Expandable Memory
1000mAH Battery
Stereo Bluetooth
5cm Screen | Java

This is a good choice of gift to impress your girlfriend/spouse this valentine. Make your valentine's day remarkable :)

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