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Temple Run comes to windows phone 8

|March 30 2013 |Games

The very popular endless running game on the iOS and Android platform, Temple Run has finally arrived to the Windows platform. Now, the game will be offering fun to the Windows Phone 8 users but while the gaming freaks on the other platforms will be relishing the Temple Run 2, the Windows Users will have to feel contented with the basic version of the game.


Arriving on the Windows platform, the Temple Run game brings along side a disheartening factor for many of the Windows Phone users. Temple Run requires 1GB of RAM and Windows Phone 8 for its successful run which indicates that only some of the Windows phones owners such as Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920 and HTC 8X will be able to enjoy the game.

Thus, the Windows users running their device on an older version of OS or possessing less RAM than 1GB such as Nokia Lumia 620, can only hope to get a compatible version in near future.

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