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Top 20 mobile phones in India in January 2014: 91mobiles insights

|February 5 2014 |Mobile, List, List of Mobiles, Top Mobiles

Year 2013 saw a huge growth in the mobile phone market in India – the number of phone launches almost doubled, while the relatively new category of phablets grew by a whopping 10 times as compared to the year 2012. If the first month of 2014 was any indication, the growth is likely to continue this year as well. The month of January saw the launch of popular devices viz. the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Nokia Lumia 1320 and 525, and also signalled the entry of Chinese brand Oppo with its flagship smartphone N1. Whether or not these devices made their marks on consumers' minds, let’s try and find out  by taking a peek at the top 20 mobile phones for the month of January based on page views.

The data is based on products searched by more than 4.5 million visitors on 91mobiles.com, but may not necessarily indicate actual purchase.

The top 5

This list throws no surprises as we’re seeing positions being shuffled among the same devices every month. However, Nokia’s successor to its cheapest and highly-popular Lumia 520, the Lumia 525 is among the top five devices at the 3rd position, jumping six spots.

The complete list

Here are the top 20 smartphones in the month of January 2014 along with their rankings previous month, the OS they use, current price band and launch dates. The price slabs give an idea idea about users’ preferred price points, while launch dates indicate the popularity of the devices vs. their newness.

Top 20 mobile phones in India in January 2014

Hits and misses

As stated earlier, the month was abuzz with launches from international brands and their Indian counterparts as well. This resulted in the entry of a few new handsets among the top 20 devices and the exit of some older ones.

New entrants

Grand2_1Samsung Galaxy Grand 2- 9th position

The Grand 2 was unveiled in December 2013, but Samsung chose to build on the consumers’ interest and revealed its pricing only in January at launch time. The device is the successor to one of the most popular smartphones of the previous year, the Galaxy Grand Duos and seems more than just a tiny upgrade thanks to its HD display, quad-core processor and 1.5GB RAM. It also borrows design aesthetics from its flagship sibling, the Galaxy Note 3, in the form of faux leather at the back and software goodies like Multi Window.

Nokia Asha 502Nokia Asha 502 Front- 10th position

Nokia is treading on an interesting path – it has feature phones and Asha series of smart feature phones in the entry level, whereas its Lumia lineup of Windows Phone-powered smartphones cater to both the budget segment and the high-end. The Nokia Asha 502 is very similar to its predecessor Asha 501 in terms of hardware specifications, but gets a better 5-megapixels camera. The snapper also offers an LED flash to capture images in low-light conditions.

Micromax Canvas HD A116Micromax Canvas HD A116- 20th position

Even after almost a year of its launch, the Canvas HD remains one of the most popular smartphones in the country. Though the device slipped from the top 20 chart in the month of November, it has re-entered the list at the 20th spot. Interestingly enough, unlike a number of devices which undergo price cuts to remain popular, the device didn’t get any severe price reductions and is sold at a price bracket of Rs 13,000 to 14,000, which is hardly any different from the prices it was launched at.

The exits

In the month of January, the following devices slipped in their popularity and dropped out of our top 20 list:
  • Apple iPhone 5c

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

  • Nokia Asha 501

Trend analysis

Samsung and Nokia dominate the list

Top 20 mobile phones in January 2014_brands share

The previous months saw a fragmented list of brands amongst the top 20 devices, mostly at the expense of a number of devices from Samsung. However, this time the manufacturer has a clear majority with seven of its devices being covered in top 20. It's surprisingly followed closely by Nokia, which never had so many devices in the top 20. Together they account for more than half of the devices in the list, while other notable brands in the list are Sony and Micromax with three phones each.

Affordable and mid-range segment continues to be popular

Top 20 mobile phones in January 2014_price segmentation

Out of 20 devices in the list, nine are priced in the affordable range of Rs 5,000 to 15,000, trailed by seven handsets carrying price tags between Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000. However, the  high-end segment populated by the likes of Apple and Samsung has plummeted in terms of its popularity.

Windows Phone making some headway against Android

Top 20 mobile phones in January 2014_OS share

Four of Nokia’s five mobile phones in the top 20 list are Lumia devices running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. However, an important point to note is that all these devices are in the affordable and mid-range segment, which suggests that both Nokia and Microsoft have been able to gain market share against Android and iOS by focussing on lower price points.

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