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Top smartphones with 6-inch or larger displays priced under Rs 20,000

|July 4, 2016 |Android Phones, Mobiles, List, List of Mobiles, Slideshow

In 2011, when the first Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone was announced, we expected it to be another one of those devices which just come and go without creating much excitement. At a screen size of 5.3-inches, the device was deemed too big to carry comfortably.
But that was just the start of something revolutionary. Come 2016, and even a 5.5-inch screen is considered to be normal. With our phones becoming the primary means of media consumption, the need for even larger displays has grown immensely. And in case you want a media powerhouse in the palm of your hands without burning your pocket, here are some amazing smartphones with 6-inch+ displays priced below Rs 20,000.

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