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Top Android apps and games of the week #29

|July 19 2014 |Android Phones, Android, Mobile Apps, applications, Android Tablets, Apps of the Week

With a multitude of apps and games hitting the Play Store every week, how do you find the best ones? Well, that’s why we bring to you this weekly series offering a curated list of apps that either debuted on the store this week or got a major update. This week, we just have a few apps (extremely useful ones though), but quite a few games.

CloudMagicCloudMagic {Update} (Free)

If you’re looking for an alternative email client, then Cloudmagic is one of the best choices and with this update, it has become even better. While it already allowed you to connect multiple email accounts, now you can set different colours and nicknames for them to give them an identity. It’s also become easier to access unread or starred emails as well as the spam folder.

CloudMagic 1 CloudMagic 2 CloudMagic 3

CommandrCommandr {Update} (Free)

When we mentioned the Commandr app in this section last week, we had only one gripe with this awesome app – that you need to utter long commands for performing simple actions. But the developer has heard our prayers and cleverly found a solution to this problem. All you need to do is to activate the service by going to Accessibility options available under settings. Now you don’t need to say ‘note to self turn Bluetooth on’... and simply saying ‘turn Bluetooth on’ will do the trick, for example. Another useful update to the app is that now it can read your unread messages with a simple command ‘unread SMS’.

Commandr 1

The developer promises that the app doesn’t store any data, but if you aren’t sure than you can still continue using the ‘note to self’ prefix with voice commands.


Notific (Rs 59)

Just last week, we told you about LokLok which uses the lockscreen on Android devices very innovatively, and this time we have an app that brings all your notifications to the lockscreen. But that’s not it, as you can also select the list of apps you want to get notifications from, and you can also act upon them from the lockscreen itself. Taking a page out of Moto X’s (review) Active Display feature, the app doesn’t light up the screen unnecessarily if the smartphone is in your pocket. However, thanks to proximity sensor, if you take it out of the pocket within 10 seconds (customisable), then the screen automatically lights up to display notification(s).

Notific 1 Notific 2 Notific 3


Bug Heroes 2Bug Heroes 2 (Rs 116.74)

Though its prequel never made its way to Android, the Bug Heroes 2 game has arrived after being iOS-exclusive for a while. The title combines tower defense with twin-stick shooting making it a very action-packed game. You play it individually or in a team and your task is to kill every bug. You can also build turrets to defend your area. Being a dual-stick mechanism-based game, you can choose two heroes you’ll be playing, from 25 options.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon (
Rs 299.62)

The game has been launched to create a buzz amongst fans before the movie is out. But unlike most of the movie tie-in games, this title doesn’t offer any in-app purchases since you have to pay upfront. Join the team of Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax to help them recover the five pieces of the Universal Weapon before it falls in the hands of the villain Ronan.


iLands (

iLands is a very popular game on Facebook with a million active players and the developers hope that it’ll get similar traction on mobiles with this Android-optimised version. Unlike competitive games or puzzles, iLands simply wants you to develop your dream island including building things over the sky, water or even underground. You can also visit iLands of your friends and hang out with them or help each other in building it.

iLands 1 iLands 2

In many ways, it’s similar to the immensely popular Minecraft game, but it’s free!

NutsNuts! (Free)

This game is about two squirrels named Jake and Miranda who are nuts over nuts, and your task is to help them to collect as many of them as possible. But that’s not easy as you’ve to run upwards endlessly on a tree vertically, while dodging branches by tilting the smartphone. You can also collect coins to unlock upgrades or get special power-ups on the way.



Timberman (Free)

If you’re missing out on addictive, yet difficult games like Flappy Bird, then we have a new recommendation for you – Timberman. Although the gameplay is totally different, it’s very simple as you have to simply don the role of Timberman and chop down trees, while avoiding their branches in a stipulated amount of time. Sounds easy peasy? Give it a try and you’ll see why this game is being compared to Flappy Bird. The arcade-style graphics of the game also give an old-school feeling adding to its mystique.

That’s it for this week’s apps. Be sure to check out next week's edition to get another dose of awesome apps and games.

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