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Top Android apps and games of the Week #23

|June 6 2015 |Android Phones, Android, Mobile Apps, applications, Android Tablets, Apps of the Week

Last week was packed with news from Google as the tech giant held its annual event I/O to showcase its latest products and services. The company also shared some interesting statistics about the popularity of Android by stating that it’s being used by more than 1 billion people, which means that eight out of 10 people own a phone running its mobile OS.

Apps are a key reason for its widespread use and that shows from the number of downloads –  in the past 12 months, more than 50 billions apps have been downloaded from the Play Store. If you’re also looking to extend the functionality of your Android device, then you’re at the right place. Here’s a look at the top apps and games that are worth checking out.

ImgurImgur {Update} (Free)

Imgur is one of the most popular and easiest ways of sharing images on the internet and the service wants to maintain that supremacy with its mobile app. While Imgur was already available for Android devices, now it’s available as a native app with a never-ending stream of images uploaded on it. Users can also choose to view images from different categories, along with the option of voting for the images, leaving comments and sharing them with others.

Imgur 1 Imgur 2 Imgur 3

BoxerBoxer {Update} (Free)

While there are many popular email apps, including ones from the email providers themselves, Boxer has been able to make a name for itself, so much so that Cyanogen has bundled it in its latest ROM. With its latest version, the app has revamped its interface to embrace the Material Design language. It has also improved the searching capabilities and the app speed. The app also offers the capability to create new folders or labels.

Boxer 1 Boxer 2 Boxer 3

SlackSlack {Update} (Free)

Slack has become one of the most popular communication tools in the corporate world in a short span of time. With the version 2.0, the app has become more useful and donned a Material Design interface along with better navigation. The app has also revamped its notification functionality, search tools, and tabs among other things.

Slack 1


Game of Thrones chapter 4Game of Thrones {Update} (Rs 312.92)

While you’re waiting for the twist and turns to reveal themselves in the fifth season of popular Game of Thrones TV show, you can be a part of the action too with this game. After the success of the first three chapters, the latest chapter, dubbed as Sons of Winter relates to the story of season three of the TV series. As with all the titles from the developers, your decision can change the course of the game, where you’ll be playing as a member of House Forrester.

Hitman- SniperHitman: Sniper (Rs 388.73)

Based on the story of assassin named Agent 47, Hitman was already available for Android devices with the Hitman Go, but this version of the title has specifically been introduced for touchscreen devices. Instead of turn-based gameplay of its predecessor, you are in Montenegro, and standing at one position, your job is to successful handle a series of killing contracts. The game has over 150 missions and the best part is that you can play the completed missions again to better your scores.

Plants vs Zombies 2Plants vs Zombies 2 {Update} (Free)

Amongst the most popular and extremely addictive games, Plants vs Zombies 2 has just received an update to the Lost City Part 1. The new chapter adds over 16 levels to the game and is set in a jungle. It introduces 10 new zombies such as Excavator Zombie and the buzzing Zoombug, and four tropical plants like Lava Guava. Along with this, the update also brings challenges in the form of a travel log quest.

Radical RappellingRadical Rappelling (Free)

Halfbrick studios, the team behind the addictive Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, is now back with another fun game labelled Radical Rappelling. As the name suggests, you have to rappel down mountains at speed, while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles on the way. You can play as Rip or Roxy in the game, and completing the missions will let you unlock new gear for them.

That brings us to an end to yet another exciting week in the world of Android apps and games. See you again next week.

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