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Top Android apps and games of the Week #31

|August 1 2015 |Android Phones, Android, Mobile Apps, applications, Android Tablets, Apps of the Week

The week gone by must’ve been a delight for Android fans. OnePlus finally took the covers off its latest offering, the 2 (first impressions | FAQs), while Motorola introduced a couple of smartphones, with its third-gen Moto G (first impressions) being the first one to go on sale in India. Just like its predecessors, it;s positioned in the affordable segment. But as we’ve always said, the power of a device lies in the apps and games running on it, so it’s time to check out a few Android titles that are worth your time this week. We’ve a wide gamut of apps ranging from a calendar to apps from search titan itself along with sequels to incredibly-popular games.

Boxer CalendarBoxer Calendar (Free)

Boxer has made a name for itself as a popular and capable alternative to default email clients, and now it has introduced a new app for making your scheduling easier. Its calendar app dons Material Design and can connect to calendars from different services, including Gmail and Exchange. In conjunction with its email app, it allows you to instantly send emails to everyone for scheduling a meeting, and it also has an intuitive date picker tool to help you plan your appointments.

Boxer Calendar 1 Boxer Calendar 2 Boxer Calendar 3

GoogleGoogle {Update} (Free)

Google is continuously updating its Now feature to make it more useful and time-saving for users. Now, it has added the support for sending messages through your favourite instant messaging services via voice. It works with apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Telegram and all you need to do is to “Send a WhatsApp message to ”. After this, you’d be asked to dictate your message.

Google Now

Google TranslateGoogle Translate {Update} (Free)

Earlier this year, Google added the capability of translating printed text captured through your phone’s camera via its Translate app. The feature was dubbed as Word Lens and now it’s been expanded with support for 20 more languages, including Hindi. The best part about the app is that it can work completely offline. It has also improved the conversation option in over 40 languages.

Google Translate 1 Google Translate 2 Google Translate 3

InShortsinShorts {Update} (Free)

Popular news-summarisation app from India dubbed NewsInShorts is now expanding to more than news articles with videos, podcasts, infographics, etc and hence it has rebranded itself. It has also added new categories with in news such as analysis, lifestyle, personal finance, career and many more. With the update, the app has also revamped its interface and also improved the navigation.

InShorts 1 InShorts 2 InShorts 3

LittleLittle (Free)

If you’re looking for an app that can help you finding the best deals around you, then give Little (don’t go by its name) a try. It provides best deals on restaurants, movies, salons, and gyms among others. The app also offers a seamless experience by letting you pay from your phone itself. It also has deals for which you need to pay a little amount upfront, while the balance can be paid directly to the merchant.

Little 1 Little 2 Little 3

The app is currently available across 11 cities in India.


Angry Birds 2Angry Birds 2 (Free)

After the huge success of Angry Birds, its maker Rovio expanded the series with several representations of the game such as Transformers, Star Wars, and Space among others. However, now the company is going back to what made the franchise very popular with its sequel. The premise of Angry Birds 2 remains the same as the original, but it features better gameplay, multi-stage levels and more spells.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4Five nights at Freddy’s 4 (Rs 191.66)

Five nights at Freddy’s is a very popular game in the horror genre. With its fourth and last edition, the game has mixed things while the basics remain the same. You have to defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, etc., but this time you’ll be playing as a child and you need to stop them from entering your closet or into the bed behind you. You can also use a flashlight to scare them away.

If you’re looking for a launcher to change the look-and-feel of your Android device, then check the beta release of Arrow Launcher from Microsoft. You can join the community to try out the app or directly download its APK.

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