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Top Android apps and games of the week #31

|August 2 2014 |Android Phones, Android, Mobile Apps, applications, Android Tablets, Apps of the Week

There’s no dearth of communication apps on any mobile platform, and a simple search on any app store will throw up tens of thousands of results. However, that doesn’t prevent new apps from entering the arena, as is evident from this week’s list. The apps we've shortlisted highlight new designs and subtle yet useful changes. But if the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook serve your purpose, there are also some interesting games in the lineup this week.

ConfessConfess (Free)

Anonymous social networking is all the rage these days, and Confess is an Indian app that allows you to share your secrets with the world without giving away your name. The app is pretty simple as you just need to connect your friends with the app and your confession is shared with them. If they like or comment on it, it’s shared with their connections as well and so forth. You can also search for specific confessions pertaining to a topic, or vote on others.

Confess 1 Confess 2 Confess 3

The idea looks quite similar to the Secret app, with some interesting differences.

LinkedInLinkedIn {Update} (Free)

The professional social network has completely revamped its mobile app with this update. The app aims to prepare you for a meeting by offering three different ways to view a person's profile. If you’ve got only a few seconds, you can view a summary of a user's profile, displayed on top right next to their name. If you've got a minute to spare, you can scroll down to read about their work and interests, and if you've got all the time in the world, you can delve into subjects like work history too.

LinkedIn 1 LinkedIn 2 LinkedIn 3

You can also check who's viewed your profile, and easily edit your basic information from within the app.

MirageMirage (Free)

The backers of Yo app, which become a phenomenon with its simplicity, have now launched a new app called Mirage. Built on the same principles, the app allows users to have one-touch ephemeral photo- or video-based chats with others. What sets it apart is that it can use standard SMS protocols to share your message with others in case they aren’t using the app.

Mirage 1 Mirage 2 Mirage 3

Interestingly enough, Facebook-owned Instagram also launched an app in the similar vein, dubbed as Bolt. However, it’s available only in a few countries currently.

WeChatWeChat {Update} (Free)

There are many instances when we happened to have sent a reply to the wrong person while chatting, and wonder if it could be deleted before being read by them. Well, WeChat has added a new feature to its app called ‘Message Recall’ through which you can recall the message being sent within two minutes, so you don't have to send embarassing apologies any longer. There are some other neat features as well in the WeChat v5.3.1 update, such as the ability to tag contacts, favourite multiple messages at a time, and more.

WeChat 1 WeChat 2 WeChat 3


BloodstrokeBloodstroke (Rs 55)

In this action-packed game, you’ll be playing as the private security agent Mai Lee (codenamed Lotus) who’s been double crossed for her assignment. Now, she has to save Dr Koorse from gangsters, and at the same time find the one who tricked her. The game features appealing graphics and an interesting storyline as well.

Epic Skater

Epic Skater (Free)

If you enjoyed skating during your childhood days, you’ll love this game that lets you skate your way throught the streets of Los Angeles. It’s an endless skating game where your achievement is crossing the maximum distance, getting the highest score, or a combination of both along while performing various stunts like kickflips, grinds, etc.

Thomas Was AloneThomas Was Alone (Rs 365.79)

Don’t let its steep price tag deter you, the game is a treat to play. Thomas is a curious little rectangle who’s not aware of mysteries of the world, and you’ll need to navigate him through 100 levels of such fun. The beautiful visuals coupled with an immersive storyline make it an engaging and addictive game.

The game also includes a free ‘Benjamin’s Flight’ level pack offering 20 additional levels, where you play as Benjamin who’s on a quest to find Fountain of Wisdom.

As we started this week’s list with the talk about communication apps, it’s apt to end on that note. Facebook’s Slingshot app, which earlier required you to 'sling' back a photo or video in order to see a shot sent by a friend, has now been updated with a new 'reactions to reactions' feature. Now, when you receive a sling, you can reply with a text or photo to keep the message thread going.

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