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Top Android apps and games of the Week #43

|October 25 2014 |Android Phones, Android, Mobile Apps, applications, Android Tablets, Apps of the Week

While we've yet to recover from the Diwali festivities, the world of apps was as always buzzing with a number of new titles, with quite of few of them from big tech giants. Microsoft started a new initiative called Garage with the launch of a couple of cross-platform apps for smartphones (sadly, those aren’t available outside the US), while Facebook launched an all-new app called Rooms to bring back the 90's era of chatrooms (available for iOS only). Google has introduced a new app dubbed as Inbox for making it easy to manage emails. So, without further ado, here’s a look at the apps and games that you should take a look at this week.

FotoswipeFotoswipe (Free)

Fotoswipe makes it extremely easy to share photos between nearby devices, without the hassles of email or Bluetooth. All you need is to have this app installed on the devices and then share the required photos by tapping on them and swiping them to the other device. It works on both Android and iOS smartphones, and allow you to transfer up to 10 photos at one point of time. You can share photos between multiple devices as well.

Fotoswipe 1 Fotoswipe 2

Inbox by GmailInbox by Gmail (Free)

Email meets Google Now. That’s how we’d summarise the search titan’s latest app which aims to revolutionise the way we manage our emails. The Inbox app features a minimalistic interface and offers a number of gestures for various actions (much like Mailbox). With highlights, you can see the important info of the email upfront without even opening it, such as flight check-in, shipping details, etc. Taking Gmail’s email collections to the next level, it has bundles which automatically categorises all your emails in different bundles such as finance, promotions, etc. It also allow you to pin emails, which you can revisit later with a simple tap as well as the option to snooze an email so that it can return to the inbox after a certain time.

Inbox by Gmail 1 Inbox by Gmail 2 Inbox by Gmail 3

Sadly, the app is invite-only at the moment, which means you can’t use it readily if you don’t have an invite. You can send an email to inbox@google.com to request an invite.

PPLNotifyPPLNotify (Free)

Looking for a simple way to get your smartphone notifications to your computer? Well, there are multiple apps for doing that, including the popular Pushbullet. However, most of them rely on browser extensions and hence aren’t compatible with all browsers. PPLNotify, on the other hand, only requires you to install its app on your mobile device and login to its website on any browser to start getting pop-up notifications. You can also see a stream of notifications on the website.

PPLNotify 1 PPLNotify 2


RepubliqueRépublique (Rs 182.94)

République is a game about a young girl named Hope, trapped in a totalitarian state where every move of the citizens is recorded by the government. But instead of playing as a protagonist, you have help her escape by hacking into the nation’s surveillance network, accessing personnel files and controlling security systems. With its intriguing story-line and visually-pleasing graphics, the game is very interesting to play.

We must warn you that the game requires a hefty 1GB download. Also, it involves an episode-based gameplay.


Rovio, the developer of popular Angry Birds series, is now trying to break the shackles of its one-hit wonder with an all-new game. RETRY is reminiscent of viral hit Flappy Birds with its 8-bit graphics and a gameplay which requires you to control an airplane by tapping on the screen. Of course, if you run into any thing on the way, then you’re dead... so you have to control the airplane carefully, and can collect coins to score more points.

Lord of the Rings- LegendsThe Lord of the Rings: Legends (Free)

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular movie and book series and now you can experience its vast universe with this game. In this role-playing game, you follow the guidance of Gandalf and can play as anyone from Dwarf, Elf, Human or Hobbit in a bid to get the One Ring. You can also recruit Boromir, Frodo, etc. to build your fellowships. To compete against the Sauron’s evil forces, you can choose between team-based battles or player vs. player combat.

If you like the capabilities offered by Nokia’s HERE Maps, then you can go ahead and get its APK to install it on your device for offline maps and free turn-by-turn navigation.

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