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Top Android apps and games of the Week #52

|December 27 2014 |Android Phones, Android, Mobile Apps, applications, Android Tablets, Apps of the Week, facebook

52 weeks have just flown by, and if you have been following our Android apps and games of the week posts, then you should know that the world of apps has seen a massive change with a number of new titles entering the mobile market for the first time, along with many other being updated to stay relevant in the increasingly mobile-only world. The trend is continuing this week as well. So, let’s take a look at the top titles that are worth your time, which include a benchmarking app, an update to a popular anonymous social network, a launcher and a game among others.

AnTuTu BenchmarkAnTuTu {Update} (Free)

AnTuTu is one of the most popular benchmarking apps, and with version 5.5 it has been updated to meet the modern hardware standards. Now, the app will be able to test the capabilities of 64-bit processors as well as the 64-bit platform that debuted with Android Lollipop. The developers have also overhauled the looks of the app to meet the Material Design language.

AnTuTu Benchmark 1 AnTuTu Benchmark 2 AnTuTu Benchmark 3

Minuum KeyboardMinuum Keyboard {Update} (Rs 99)

Minuum is one of those keyboards which isn’t constrained by the space available. It can work as fast and as accurate on a smartphone as on your Android Wear smartwatch. With its latest update, the app is going the Material Design way. It also supports tons of themes, including the adaptive theme that can change the colour of the keyboard depending upon the app you are using. Minuum is also offering the option to use multiple languages simultaneously, although the feature is in experimental phases.

Minuum Keyboard 4 Minuum Keyboard 2

The app is currently on sale for festive season, so grab it before the 50 percent off offer ends.

SecretSecret {Update} (Free)

Secret is one of the most popular anonymous social networking apps, allowing users to say what they have in their minds without revealing their identities. Now, the app is trying to offer even more features with its latest update, which also comes with a complete redesign and even a new logo. The app now allows the user to share their thoughts with three separate groups – their friends (and friends of friends), work colleagues (you have to connect with your work email) and people nearby. There’s also a new option of private messaging, which provides users an option to chat with others anonymously.

Secret 1 Secret 2 Secret 3

ShiftShift (Free)

While there are many photo-editing apps out there that allow you to enhance your photos with filters, they don’t offer much in terms of editing those filters. With Shift, not only can you use the filters provided by default, but you can also edit them using the three touch points available on the photo. It gives you the ability to change the colour and intensity of the image, and once done, you can save the custom filter by favouriting it.

Shift 1 Shift 2 Shift 3

Stickered for Messenger

Stickered for Messenger (Free)

Move over emoticons as stickers are becoming the next big thing in text chats. If you also love to use stickers in your conversations, then Facebook has introduced an all-new app for this purpose, allowing users to use a variety of stickers in its Messenger app. You can pick as many stickers as you want and even use them along with your pictures. The app also gives the option to manipulate stickers such as dragging, stretching and rotating.

Stickered for Messenger 1 Stickered for Messenger 2 Stickered for Messenger 3

Yahoo AviateYahoo Aviate {Update} (Free)

You can gauge the capabilities of Aviate launcher by that fact that it was lapped up by Yahoo. Unlike most launchers which simply pep up home screens with themes and colours, Aviate brings contextual intelligence to your phone. Depending upon the time of the day, it automatically displays apps and events from your calendar that are relevant. With this update, the app now allows you to search for apps, contacts and the web (of course, it relies on Yahoo search).

Yahoo Aviate 1 Yahoo Aviate 2 Yahoo Aviate 3


Knights of the Old RepublicKnight of the Old Republic (Rs 315.57)

It was a popular Star Wars PC RPG almost a decade ago and now it’s making its way to mobile devices. The game is set 4,000 years before the Star Wars universe we have seen in movies, where you step into the shoes of the protagonist who has to become a Jedi in order to face the evil Sith. The intergalactic game takes place in several places, and can be played via touchscreen or controllers.

Knights of the Old Republic 1 Knights of the Old Republic 2

The game has a hefty download size of 2.4GB, so make sure that you have enough space on your smartphone.

With that, we end our this week’s and year’s edition of must-download Android apps and games. See you again next year!

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