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Top smartphones with 4GB RAM priced under Rs 30,000

|April 15 2016 |Android Phones, Asus, OnePlus, List, Oppo, List of Mobiles, Vivo, Letv

Through the years, along with technology there’s one other thing that has evolved – restlessness. Living in the fast-paced life of today has made people more restless and involved than ever before and survival in this fast lane of existence raised the need for a pocket sized multitasking machine to level where it couldn’t be denied anymore. That’s when the innovative minds working behind our beloved tech companies set out on a quest to cater to that very need of ours, which led them to incorporating x64 architecture chips beneath their smartphones which, ultimately, led us to the inevitable jump in RAM amount within our daily drivers. We are here to help you take the leap to the next link in our progress. These are the top smartphones with 4GB of RAM priced under Rs 30,000.

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