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Toyota unveils "Smartphone-like Concept Car"

|November 28 2011 |Industry News, Fun, inventions, Display technology

Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled its latest concept vehicle 'Toyota Fun Vii' which resembles a giant smartphone. Revealed just ahead of the 42nd Tokyo Auto Show, the concept car lets you change the exterior design, "with the same ease as downloading an application," allowing drivers to display everything from custom messages to flashy graphics through some manner of magical exterior display technology, according to autoblog.com.

The same goes for the interior, which Toyota claims can be customised to suit the mood of the driver, with a variety of themes and an augmented reality function taking place of the traditional navigation system. A network can update the function of software serving the driving.


Revealing the 'Toyota Fun Vii', the company's president and CEO Akio Toyoda said that cars will not only be cars. The incorporation of a "navigation concierge" provides up-to-the-second driving and multimedia information through a virtual assistant.

The new concept car will be presented from Dec. 3 to 11 at Tokyo Big Sight, the most important annual event for Japan's automobile industry.

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