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Viewdle Giving Smartphones Human Eye…

|October 9 2010 |Industry News, Technology

Now, big names have come in support for a new technology start-up Viewdle, which is crafting ways to let smartphones “see” things the same way human eyes do. Viewdle has raised $10 million in Series B funding from Best Buy, BlackBerry Partners Fund and Qualcomm. Viewdle's Series A investor Anthem Venture Partners also participated in this new funding round. This new investment will be used for the launch of new consumer products over the coming months.

Viewdle now boasts technology that allows smartphones to recognize people as soon as cameras take pictures or videos showing their faces. The company has developed the only commercially available technology capable of real-time, cross-platform visual analysis at the point of capture. Viewdle's patented facial recognition system automatically identifies faces in videos and photos across mobile phones, computers and in the cloud.

"Viewdle is the only company that enables the identification of faces on any device. This new investment allows us to roll out exciting new consumer applications on our platform. With the world's largest independent visual analysis research team, we will also continue to invest in technology innovation," said Viewdle co-Founder and CEO Laurent Gil.

"We are giving smartphones human eyes," Gil told AFP. "Letting them see the world the way people do... it is artificial intelligence."

"The majority of smartphones are now equipped with built-in video recorders and cameras -- Viewdle enables consumers to quickly and accurately organize their photos and videos at the point of capture," said John Albright, co-managing partner, BlackBerry Partners Fund. "Viewdle fits perfectly with our investment mandate, and we look forward to working closely with them to drive innovation throughout the mobile industry."

"Viewdle has made exceptional strides in advancing the field of visual analysis, a capability that holds a myriad of potential mobile applications," said Nagraj Kashyap, vice president of Qualcomm Ventures. "The company's sophisticated technology and seasoned management make Viewdle very well positioned in the market."

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