What is the use of wifi hotspots in mobiles?

Most recent by Unknown| February 2013 | Mobile Apps

  • Many people use Wifi hotspots in their smartphones. But whats the use of Wifi hotspot and does it include any extra cost?
  • A WiFi hotspot is a invisible projection of electromagnetic energy radiating from a router that is picked up by computers and devices with WiFi antennas in their design.
    The router is connected to a network, usually the internet, so your computer or device can get online.The electromagnetic field extends only so far, why it's called a "hotspot".
    If you have networks available to connect to with your phone you can, if your allowed and have the password. Others are simply open for anyone to use.It's useful as you can use WiFI to get on the internet, even make telephone calls over the internet (called VOIP, for voice over internet protocol) instead of using your costly 3G/4G cell minutes and data.Your communication and data is subject to interception at these hotspots if no encryption (or poor ones) or by network administers managing the local area network (LAN).

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