How to activate vodafone 3g & i have samsung galaxy y smartphone?

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  • Please help me on the question..
  • 1. Find "Access Point Names"

    Press the menu icon.
    Press Settings.
    Press Wireless and network.
    Press Mobile networks.
    Press Access Point Names.

    2. Create new data connection

    Press the Menu key.
    Press New APN.

    3. Enter data connection name

    Press Name.
    Key in Vodafone Internet and press OK.

    4. Enter APN

    Press APN.
    If you're on a pay monthly price plan:
    Key in internet
    If you're on a pay as you go price plan:
    Key in pp.vodafone.co.uk
    Press OK to confirm.

    5. Enter username

    Press User name.
    Key in web and press OK.

    6. Enter password

    Press Password.
    Key in web and press OK.

    7. Enter country code

    Press MCC.
    Key in 234 and press OK.

    8. Enter network code

    Press MNC.
    Key in 15 and press OK.

    9. Select authentication type

    Press Authentication type.
    Press None.

    10. Select APN type

    Press APN type.
    Press Internet.

    11. Save and activate data connection

    Press the Menu key.
    Press Save to save the data connection.
    Press the field next to Vodafone Internet to mark the field and to activate the data connection.

    12. Exit

    Press the Home key to return to standby mode.

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