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What makes HTC One M8 unique?

Here are 8 unique features & highlights of HTC One M8 :
1 First smartphone in the world to feature a duo camera to capture the depth of field information separately
2 First smartphone that boasts a higher resolution camera on the front(5 MP) than the rear (4 MP)
3 The best1 5 Inch phone priced around Rs. 16,000
4 The fastest HTC phone with Quad-Core processor
5 The #2 fastest phone with Quad-Core processor
6 The #2 most popular2 HTC phone priced around Rs. 16,000
7 The #3 fastest phone priced around Rs. 16,000
8 The #3 Android Kitkat HTC phone
1 based on 91score
2 based on no. of views on 91mobiles