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  • Sony Xperia Z2 Deluxe To Launch in China Report
    Mon Mar 24 2014 4:10:39 |

    Sony unveiled their latest flagship device the Sony Xperia Z2 at the Mobile World Congress last month The handset is expected to go on sale globally in mid April with a few markets getting it a little earlier including Japan According to a new report Sony will launch a deluxe edition of the Sony Xperia...

  • Sony Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition in China
    Mon Mar 24 2014 16:07:09 |

    Alongside the regular version Sony will unveiled a deluxe edition of its Xperia Z2 smartphone in China Both handsets will be hit this country at same time Already we known the Sony Xperia Z2 latest flagship smartphone plans to debut on worldwide market starting mid AprilSony Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition...

  • Nokia to launch MixRadio in China
    Mon Mar 24 2014 10:01:06 |

    According to a report in today s Sunday Times Nokia is on the verge on launching a version of its MixRadio streaming service into China Like other observers GoMo News would question the wisdom of such a move As a country its inhabitants are known for much respect for digital copyrights Which could prove...

  • Magazine Says NSA Spied on China Officials Huawei
    Sun Mar 23 2014 17:10:47 |

    The US National Security Agency spied on Chinese technology group Huawei in early 2009 and targeted Chinese officials including former President Hu Jintao German news weekly Der Spiegel reports

  • Beware of Tapsnake Virus Warning on Android Phones Details Instructions
    Sun Mar 23 2014 21:00:46 |

    There is a new fake virus scare in the Android market called Tapsnake which is actually an old Virus reported in 2010 This fake Tapsnake virus scare is being spread through certain websites which when visited a pop up box appears and mentions that your Android device is affected by Trojan MobileOS Tapsnake...

  • Sony Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition coming to China
    Sun Mar 23 2014 8:55:08 |

    The newly announced Sony Xperia Z2 will be available in China in a special Deluxe Edition package Available at some point next month this version will bundle Sony s latest flagship with a bunch of accessories including a DK36 Magnetic Charging Dock a STM10 Stereo Microphone a MDR NC31EM Digital Noise...

  • New smart phone by Micromax
    Fri Mar 21 2014 3:39:47 |

    The smart phone is one of the latest sensations nowadays Day by day people are becoming aware of positive sides The craze is going up but it is not one sided as well Various mobile companies have come across with multiple models with unique features The increasing popularity of smart phone has brought...

  • Micromax increases its smartphone list in India
    Fri Mar 21 2014 9:54:49 |

    Micromax has expanded its Bolt smartphone series and introduced the Bolt A46 and Bolt A37 for the Indian market The Micromax Bolt A46 is now available via their web store at Rs 4 490 and the listing notes that the smartphone will undoubtedly be delivered in 7 to 10 business days On another hand the Bolt...

  • Lenovo Huawei unveil smartphones to take on Xiaomi Hongmi Note
    Sun Mar 23 2014 1:46:42 |

    Lenovo and Huawei haven t taken much time to introduce their answer to Xiaomi s recently unveiled budget phablet Hongmi Note internationally known as Redmi Note Lenovo has announced the new S898T while Huawei has come up with a new version of Honor 3X Talking about Lenovo S898T first the smartphone features...

  • Asphalt 8 Airborne for Android Update Adds 6 New Tracks in China New Cars
    Sat Mar 22 2014 19:31:01 |

    One of the biggest updates for the Asphalt 8 Airborne game since its launch on Android platform has just arrived Dubbed Welcome to the Great Wall the update is now available for download via Google Play Store If you haven t guessed by now the update s theme is China so expected to see new tracks in the...

  • Sony Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition to be launched in China for 884
    Sat Mar 22 2014 20:57:49 |

    While the Sony Xperia Z2 is expected to give good competition to the other flagship smartphones given the success Sony seems to be going the Samsung way by introducing a deluxe version of the phone According to sources Sony will launch the Deluxe Edition of the Xperia Z2 in China along with the regular...

  • Sony plans an Xperia Z2 Deluxe Edition in China
    Sat Mar 22 2014 4:49:07 |

    According to a report by Chinese ePrice Sony plans to out a special edition of its latest flagship the Xperia Z2 called Deluxe Edition As the name suggests it will be an even more premium offering and will include additional Sony accessories in the retail package Sony is bundling its own made Magnetic...

  • Lenovo S898T gets priced as a true Xiaomi Redmi competitor
    Sat Mar 22 2014 7:24:48 |

    The original Xiaomi Hongmi or Red Rice or Redmi defi

  • Meizu Blue Charm Note leaks as possible upcoming Xiaomi Redmi Note challenger
    Sat Mar 22 2014 8:41:56 |

    It looks like Xiaomi s Hongmi started a war in Ch

  • New HTC One appears in detail in China
    Sat Mar 22 2014 13:45:26 |

    It s less than a week now before we head to New York to see the new HTC One for 2014 Tuesday morning the HTC One for 2014 will be revealed Continue reading

  • Microsoft to bring high end gaming to mobiles with DirectX update
    Sat Mar 22 2014 2:46:06 |

    The new update to DirectX a collection of application programming interfaces APIs for handling tasks related to multimedia especially game programming and video on Microsoft platforms is set to bring high end gaming to mobile devices At the heart of DirectX 12 is Direct3D 12 the API that renders visuals...

  • China Mobile Gets Over 1 Million New iPhone Users In February
    Sat Mar 22 2014 2:08:17 |

    The iPhone launched on China mobile back in January and now the company has announced that they have added more than one million iPhone users to their network in February The details were released as part of China Mobile s annual earnings statement although the company saw their profits fall for the...

  • ZTE Nubia X6 Gets Certified in China
    Sat Mar 22 2014 2:25:07 |

    Next week ZTE will take the wraps of their new flagship Android device the ZTE Nubia X6 which the company has been teasing over the last few weeks ZTE are holding a press conference on the 25th of March where they will unveil the new ZTE Nubia X6 and now the device has been certified Read more The post...

  • Sony Xperia Z2 to have a Deluxe Edition in China
    Fri Mar 21 2014 20:59:00 |

    Sony intends to launch the Xperia Z2 in the world s largest smartphone market in the next few weeks The Deluxe Edition will come bundled with various Sony accessoriesPhotos

  • This Steampunk Gramophone smartphone dock will take you back in time
    Sat Mar 22 2014 1:34:51 |

    If you have been fond of music there is a chance that you might heard about the Gramophone the first instrument which replayed music ran on LPs and is now a collector s piece Well how about going ages back in style This Steampunk Gramophone smartphone dock will blast out music from your iPhone or Android...

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