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  • Hisense Maxe X1 6 8 inch Smartphone Unveiled At MWC 2014
    Wed Feb 26 2014 12:36:42 |

    Chinese smartphone company Hisense is present at the MWC 2014 and has officially released its 68 inch 4G smartphone which was first shown at CES 2014 Back then the company called it simply as the X1 but it is now called as the Maxe X1 This is a smartphone that can also be uses as a The post Hisense Maxe...

  • Hisense Maxe X1 Phablet packs 6 8 inch Screen and LTE Connectivity
    Wed Feb 26 2014 6:33:22 |

    A Chinese smartphone maker called Hisense has unveiled its latest giant screen smartphone at MWC 2014 The new device is the Maxe X1 and it is more a phablet than a normal smartphone The massive device has a screen that is 68 inches wide The resolution of that big screen is 1920 x 1800 The smartphone...

  • Hisense MAXE X1 6 8 inch smartphone also smart TV box
    Wed Feb 26 2014 18:26:16 |

    Hisense Chinese device maker has officially introduced its new 4 in 1 device the Hisense MAXE X1 It is basically a 68 inch 4G smartphone which combines features of a handset a tablet a TV and a set top box Although all features in one device company claims the MAXEHisense MAXE X1 68 inch smartphone also...

  • Hisense 6 8 inch Maxe X1 phablet unveiled at MWC 2014
    Wed Feb 26 2014 10:53:53 |

    Hisense is a Chinese company that makes TVs and other devices The company is on hand at MWC 2014 and it has unveiled its latest entry into the smartphone world The new product is the Maxe X1 and it

  • Hisense U950 Smart Phone MSM8225 Dual Core 3G GPS WIFI Bluetooth 4 5 Inch QHD Screen
    Thu Feb 13 2014 18:08:27 |


  • hisense sero 7 pro otg usb devices
    Wed Jan 15 2014 23:01:42 |

    Just wanted to let you know that an app called USB Stick plugin for total commander does the trick of mounting USB sticks on the awesome sero7pro

  • Hands On Hisense X1 blurs the line between phone and tablet
    Mon Jan 13 2014 7:59:58 |

    Topping the list of most outrageous gadgets at CES 2014 is the new Hisense X1 and its 68 inch 1080p display No the Hisense X1 isn t a new small tablet it s actually a smartphone heading for China and the US later this summer Aside from its massive size and display the Hisense X1 is a flagship

  • Hisense aims to bring their OLED TV to the market by Q4 2014
    Sun Jan 12 2014 5:52:45 |

    A couple of days ago we reported that China s Hisense is showing a 55 flat OLED TV prototype at CES 2014 According to the video below company officials say they plan to bring their OLED TV to the market by Q4 2014 As far as I know the OLED panel itself is provided by LG Display who s also providing OLED...

  • CES Hisense X1 sports a 6 8 full HD screen is confused if its a phone or a tablet
    Sun Jan 12 2014 5:00:47 |

    With the passing of each year we see the size of smartphone screens reach out to a bit more gargantuan proportions Last year saw Samsung unveiled its 63 inch monster the appropriately named Galaxy Mega 63 which was later trumped by Sony s even bigger 64 inch screened Xperia Z Ultra But Chinese manufacturer...

  • Hisense X1 6 8 inch smartphone It doesn t get bigger than this
    Sat Jan 11 2014 23:44:28 |

    Ever since smartphones began expanding on their screen size they have been growing like weeds But any sane person wouldn t be expected to go beyond 6 inches which is like the limit Or is it Apparently not A new Chinese company on the scene Hisense has unveiled a 68 inch X1 smartphone which is claimed...

  • Hisense shows off the Pulse Pro at CES runs on Android based VIDAA TV platform
    Sat Jan 11 2014 14:33:08 |

    At CES 2014 Hisense showed off its new Pulse Pro Android TV box which runs on its new Android based VIDAA platform Read on to learn more

  • Pulse Pro Google TV powered set top box announced by Hisense
    Sat Jan 11 2014 8:13:16 |

    Google TV hasn t been the company s best venture but that doesn t stop other companies from expanding on the concept At CES 2014 Hisense showed off their new set top box the Pulse Pro which runs what Hisense calls Android TV v4 While it s technically not Google TV it runs Google TV apps and has the same...

  • Hisense X1 a smartphone sized tablet
    Sat Jan 11 2014 1:23:00 |

    At CES 2014 taking place now in Las Vegas demonstrates an interesting device Smartphone Hisense X1 The device is unusual in that it has almost the size of the tablet That is it is not just planshetofon and a very large planshetofon with a screen diagonal of 68 inches and resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels...

  • 6 8 inch Hisense X1 smartphone expected to loom over other handsets in the U S by Q2
    Fri Jan 10 2014 20:16:00 |

    Last year at CES Huawei introduced the 61 inch Huawei Ascend Mate At the time it was the largest screened smartphone in existance Eventually it would be replaced at the top of that list by the 64 inch Sony Xperia Z Ultra The latter held the record until now At CES Hisense announced the 68 inch Hisense...

  • Hisense X1 hands on with the biggest Android phone of 2014
    Fri Jan 10 2014 14:44:24 |

    Hisense isn t a name mentioned often when talking about the biggest Android manufacturers but the Chinese firm better known for building TV s will at least be in the conversation when discussing the biggest literally phones around Read the full story here

  • Hisense X1 shown at CES 2014 with 6 8 inch 1080p display
    Fri Jan 10 2014 9:40:00 |

    Remember a few years ago when a 43 inch display was considered huge Now those screens are reserved for compact phones as phones with 5 inch displays have become commonplace and we re even starting to see devices with 6 inch screens pop up on a semi regular basis We ve yet to really see any companies...

  • Both hands on with the 6 8 inch Hisense X1
    Fri Jan 10 2014 9:46:54 |

    Think your 5 inch phone is big Here 39 s a handset from China carrying a tablet class display The 57 inch Galaxy Note 3 Tiny The 59 inch HTC One Max Petite Sony 39 s 64 inch Z Ultra Dwarfed Meet the Hisense X1 handset on show at the Chinese manufacturer 39 s CES booth in Las Vegas today With a gargantuan...

  • Hisense X1 hands on with a 6 8 inch smartphone
    Fri Jan 10 2014 8:58:07 |

    It seems to be a known bit that smartphones are growing in size Then there are the phablets and at some point these larger devices should simply be called a Continue reading

  • Hisense H4 Series Roku TV eyes on
    Fri Jan 10 2014 16:24:18 |

    The Roku TV announcement may have come a few days before CES however the announced models were out sitting on the show floor There will be a few manufactures producing Continue reading

  • Hisense shows a flat 55 OLED TV prototype at CES 2014
    Fri Jan 10 2014 6:27:17 |

    China s Hisense is showing a 55 flat OLED TV prototype at CES 2014 Apparently the staff at Hisense s booth made it clear that this is just a prototype and the company has no plans to release it as a product any time soonI m not sure who makes the OLED panel itself but it s highly likely it is made by...

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