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  • Motorola tipped to launch 6 3 inch phablet in Q3 2014
    Mon Mar 24 2014 9:57:00 |

    Motorola isn 039 t slowing down with smartphone launches and has plans to launch a 63 inch phablet in Q3 2014 according to a new rumour on the web The information comes from a post on Chinese forum Weibo from a person who correctly pegged the launch

  • Motorola To Launch a 6 inch Phablet in Q3 Rumor
    Mon Mar 24 2014 3:38:02 |

    Motorola was acquired by Lenovo recently and the company has plans to release a number of new handsets later this year We ve seen rumors of a Moto X successor while the company has already announced the gorgeous Moto 360 smartwatch which will also see the light of the day later this year According to...

  • Motorola Moto X officially available in India for Rs 23 999 with Flipkart
    Fri Mar 21 2014 5:11:17 |

    Flipkart has now started accepting orders for the much awaited Motorola smartphone known as the Moto X Just like the Moto G which arrived in the market earlier this year the Moto X will also be available in

  • Motorola might release a 6 3 inch phablet in Q3
    Mon Mar 24 2014 0:44:53 |

    We have seen some pretty cool offerings from Motorola off late but we are yet to see a phablet from Motorola Well that might change soon as reports suggest of a Motorola phablet in the works We had heard rumors of a Motorola phablet dubbed Xplay featuring a 63 inch display back in October but there Visit...

  • Motorola launched Moto G in Indian market
    Fri Mar 21 2014 23:38:56 |

    Smartphone is one of the biggest revolutions in the modern tech market It is in the procedure for few years but day by the use and the craze is increasing The most important things to notice is that the leading mobile brands are coming up on a regular basis with new model and features Few Motorola launched...

  • Motorola to release 6 inch phablet in Q3
    Sun Mar 23 2014 15:46:33 |

    A while ago we heard that Motorola was working on a 63 inch phablet to be released in 2014 That information was released way back in October just after the Moto X was first released Well we haven t heard anything about the so called Xplay since then Until now that is According to the source that first...

  • The Amazon Appstore makes apps worth of 50 free today
    Sun Mar 23 2014 9:47:52 |

    Amazon Appstore celebrates its third birthday today 22nd of March In lieu of the great achievements of Amzon it planned on giving its users a pleasant surprise by making some of its apps available

  • Register your interest in Motorola Moto 360
    Sun Mar 23 2014 4:55:52 |

    The Motorola Moto 360 is a watch that tells you more than just the time It keeps you up to date on track and on time It allows you to stay connected with the world without the need to directly access the internet your calendar or web browser The Moto 360 runs Android Wear a The post Register your interest...

  • Moto 360 smartwatch may use magnetic induction charging mechanism
    Sat Mar 22 2014 22:56:40 |

    We have been expecting some futuristic charging method for the recently announced Moto 360 smartwatch While they had kept the method under wraps for quite some time the lead designer has given some inputs about the same According to Jim Wicks the lead designer for the Moto 360 the reason there are no...

  • First rumored specs for the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch emerge
    Sat Mar 22 2014 22:41:48 |

    The Moto 360 is a beautiful Android Wear based smartwatch that Motorola wants to launch this year but the company has not actually revealed many details about it when it comes to hardware In a recent Hangouts interview Motorola talked about design inspiration hinted that the device will have great battery...

  • Motorola Camera Updated with New Button Feature
    Sat Mar 22 2014 4:33:21 |

    Motorola recently updated its camera application for the Moto G Moto G and several Droids The app has a single new feature users can now press the volume button to take a picture The app is free to download from the Play Store

  • Motorola updates its camera app with volume button shutter
    Sat Mar 22 2014 4:43:51 |

    Motorola introduced a refreshed camera interface with the Moto X and later on released it as a standalone self titled camera app in the Google Play store

  • Lenovo splashes 100M to get mobile patents from Unwired Planet
    Sat Mar 22 2014 7:44:46 |

    Continuing its acquisition streak to bolster its mobile position Lenovo announced it will purchase 100 million in wireless patents from Unwired Planet The deal comes a little less than two months after Lenovo agreed to buy Google 39 s Motorola Mobile division for 291 billion

  • MOTO 360 smartwatch s sapphire wearables first must have feature
    Sat Mar 22 2014 8:51:09 |

    Motorola took the wraps off its Moto 360 smartwatch earlier this week alongside Google s introduction of the Android Wear platform The Moto 360 was teased in a variety of fashions Continue reading

  • Why the Moto 360 Smartwatch Will Kill Google Glass
    Fri Mar 21 2014 9:10:54 |

    Peter G McDermott is a technology enthusiast and community builder dedicated to helping small businesses connect with their customers online In November of 2013 I became a Google Glass Explorer Part of this endeavor involved forking over 1 500 and tax for a technology device that was still in beta The...

  • Motorola Moto 360 To Feature OLED Display And Sapphire Glass Rumor
    Sat Mar 22 2014 1:39:47 |

    The Motorola Moto 360 smart watch was announced recently although when the device was made official no hardware specifications were revealed for the Moto 360 Now according to a recent report we have some details on the hardware for the Motorola Moto 360 the device will apparently features an OLED display...

  • The Moto 360 to have Sapphire glass
    Sat Mar 22 2014 10:21:45 |

    Since the smartphone segment has already been exploited by many manufacturers it has started to become somewhat monotonous But with the new Motorola 360 the smartwatch has been brought to a new

  • Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch rumored to have sapphire face
    Sat Mar 22 2014 7:38:51 |

    Long before anyone was talking about bringing the protection of synthetic sapphire glass to smartphone screens the material was being used to protect the faces of high end watches considering how constantly exposed to the threat of damage a watch can be using a resilient substance like sapphire made...

  • Motorola Camera lets you Capture Images with Volume Keys Update with New Features Details
    Sat Mar 22 2014 5:07:38 |

    Motorola is been in the news from few days and now has updated its Moto X Moto G and Droid phones with new features in the camera app The company has updated the camera app that lets the users of the Moto G Moto X and Droid Ultra capture images by using the volume keys This is a preview of the article...

  • Motorola Camera now lets you capture images with volume keys Gallery and Assist gets new features
    Fri Mar 21 2014 18:48:17 |

    Motorola has updatedits apps for Moto X Moto G and Droid phones with new features The new update for the camera app v32 lets users with Moto X Moto G or Droid Ultra capture images using volume keys instead of touching the screen Motorola has offered 48 updates since the Moto X launch in August says...

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