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  • Verizon Wireless Blitz video review
    | Source:infosyncworld.com
    PROS: Good GPS navigation services. Inexpensive.
    CONS: Messaging apps are sloppy and inconsistent. Keyboard keys are too small, while the device is too large. Slow networking, lousy browser, sub-par camera, basic music experience.
  • HTC Desire review
    April, 2010 | Source:expertreviews.co.uk
    BOTTOM LINE: The HTC Desire is well named, as it's probably at the top of every Android fan's wish list. With a 3.7in AMOLED screen, a 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera and room for up to 32GB of storage, it's got the specs to compete with anything on the ....
  • HTC HD mini Review
    April, 2010 | Source:slashgear.com
    BOTTOM LINE: It sounds like a recipe for success: take the surprisingly popular HTC HD2, shrink it down some, and offer it as a more pocketable alternative. Yet out of the.
  • HTC Legend
    March, 2010 | Source:reghardware.co.uk
    BOTTOM LINE: Potentially the best Android handset around, but the rather poor battery life will frustrate the very users it was designed for..
  • HTC Legend review: Design and build quality
    March, 2010 | Source:electricpig.co.uk
    PROS: Gorgeous and every bit as good as the iPhone
    CONS: Plastic around camera, lip down the bottom
    BOTTOM LINE: The HTC Legend is the best piece of design we've seen in recent years that hasn't come out of Jonny Ive's studio at Apple HQ in Cupertino. But is the unibody hunk a winner? Or just an Apple rip-off par excellence? Read our complete HTC Legend Design ....
  • HTC Touch Diamond Keypad
    | Source:naaptol.com
    BOTTOM LINE: Original HTC Touch Diamond keypad - black.....
  • HTC Touch vs Apple iPhone - mixed verdicts…
    November, 2007 | Source:gadgetlite.com
    BOTTOM LINE: The topic of this post has been one that I personally have been looking forward to find out for sometime. Over at WMExperts, they've published a well written.
  • HTC Touch HD [Review]
    March, 2009 | Source:techtree.com
    PROS: Build and looks, large clear display, good touch responsiveness, smooth operation, 3.5mm jack, GPS, Wi-Fi
    CONS: Package (no memory card), slow camera, heating issues, accelerometer needs improvement (software glitch)
    BOTTOM LINE: The phone retails for Rs. 42,000 with a one-year warranty.
  • HTC expands the Touch series further
    September, 2008 | Source:asia.cnet.com
    BOTTOM LINE: Three new devices have been announced, including the company's first handheld with a WVGA display..
  • HTC Touch PDA Phone
    January, 2008 | Source:pcworld.com
    PROS: Slim design ; Touch screen responds to finger swipes
    CONS: Doesn't always behave properly
    BOTTOM LINE: This advanced PDA phone's touch-based interface and Windows Mobile 6 OS are promising applications, but the two don't mix well..
  • HTC Diamond 2
    July, 2009 | Source:techtree.com
    PROS: Good Looks, Good large screen, Touch responsive, TouchFLO Interface, GPS, Wi-Fi, Zoom bar, Powerful, Battery
    CONS: Overly Smooth Body-No Grip, no 3.5mm jack, Fingerprint, No Memory card bundled
    BOTTOM LINE: For those who fancy a Windows Touch device.
  • HTC Tattoo
    November, 2009 | Source:reghardware.co.uk
    BOTTOM LINE: This economy Android phone still packs in an impressive list of features..
  • HTC Tattoo [Review]
    January, 2010 | Source:techtree.com
    PROS: Design and build quality, option to create your personal skin, Android 1.6 Cupcake with Android Market, solid integration with Google services with full suite of Google apps, HTC Sense improves usability and aesthetic appeal of the UI
    CONS: Unimpressive camera quality with no autofocus or flash, some apps on the Market don't work with the QVGA resolution, UI can be a bit sluggish at times, no 3G support in the Indian version of Tattoo
    BOTTOM LINE: Affordable Android mobile phone.
  • HTC Vodafone Magic
    May, 2009 | Source:reghardware.co.uk
    BOTTOM LINE: A terrific little smartphone that stands up as the best anti-iPhone currently available..
  • HTC Magic [Review]
    September, 2009 | Source:techtree.com
    PROS: Design, display quality, interface design, decent camera quality, excellent web browser
    CONS: Expensive, access to Android Market blocked, no flash for camera, UI is bit sluggish, no Maps software, Bluetooth can be used only for headsets, no FM radio
    BOTTOM LINE: The first Android phone in India.
  • T-Mobile G2 Touch Review
    | Source:best-mobile-contracts.co.uk
    BOTTOM LINE: The G2 takes Google Android-based phones to a whole new level, thanks to the fantastic and totally customisable User Interface onboard. The phone is set up to offer you the ability to completely customise just about ever feature the phone has, and ....
  • HTC Hero: A Good Improvement Over the Magic
    October, 2009 | Source:techtree.com
    PROS: Design and build, display quality, interface superbly complimented by HTC Sense UI, music playback, integration with social networking sites, web browser
    CONS: Interface is still a bit sluggish at times, awkwardly placed BACK key, camera performance is mediocre, expensive, only 2GB card provided with phone
    BOTTOM LINE: Get full access to the Android Market.
  • HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone
    November, 2009 | Source:reghardware.co.uk
    BOTTOM LINE: With its huge screen, Sense UI and Windows Marketplace, Apple should be worried..
  • HTC HD2
    February, 2010 | Source:techtree.com
    PROS: Spectacular display, good touch sensitivity, excellent design, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, superb HTC Sense UI, feature rich
    CONS: Too big to carry around comfortably, outdated Windows Mobile OS, average camera quality, unimpressive battery life, mono loudspeaker
    BOTTOM LINE: The phone's stunning looks and massive display make it very desirable.
  • HTC HD2 mobile phone
    November, 2009 | Source:pocket-lint.com
    PROS: HTC Sense makes Windows Mobile user friendly, Wi-Fi router option is great, fully packed tech specs
    CONS: Might be just too big for some, Windows Market Place still lacking, sharp edge makes calls uncomfortable
    BOTTOM LINE: Does Windows Mobile finally make Sense?.
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