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Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi and 3G
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Rs 20,999
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Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi and 3G
Out of Stock
₹ 20,999
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Not worth wait for iPad 4

iPad 4 mostly will be launched at the old price of iPad 3 (Rs30.5k)nBy paying 6k you getn1. A6X processor (latest chip from apple A6(iPhone 5)..A5X(iPad 3)..A5(iPad 2))n2. Double Resolution (2048x1536 instead of 1024x768)n3. Double Ram (1GB instead of 512MB)n4. Latest Bluetooth 4.0 Technology (iPad 2 has Bluetooth 2.1)n5. More battery (11560mAh instead of 6930mAh)n6. 5MP Rear Camera with 1080p Recording (iPad 2 has 0.7MP Camera)n7 1.2MP FaceTime HD Camera with 720p Recording (iPad 2 has 0.3MP Camera)n8. Siri (In iPad 2 you need to jailbreak it to get it)n9. Will get more iOS update than iPad 2 because of hi-fi specsn10. Moreover currently this is currently Apple's Flagship iPadnnSo it's wise to pay 6k more and wait for some time and buy iPad 4th Generation

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BEWARE Fake Products are sold by Flipkart

Dear Fellow-buyer,nnPlease take care of any product sold on Flipkart (Specially high end products).nI purchased a product indicated as Bose. Within 2 week of malfunctioning, I visited the Service Center only to know that the product was a fake.nI paid a bomb of the product (the real price of Original Bose was listed with a 40% discount).nnNot sure about the other online portals but please do not every buy any (Electronic product from Flipkart).

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Know the reality

I am an ex ipad user and I want to share my views about apple products , first I would like to mention the plus points of using apple products which are very few n1) good design and hardware is superb, battery backup is awesome n2) ios doesn't have any glitches and it we can experience a smooth operation nnthe other face of ipad n1) even ios 6 , the latest os update from apple doesn't support flash player so do not expect a desktop like browsing , secured websites will not work correctly n2)multitasking is poor n3)you are subjugated in all respects, you are forced to use thing like iTunes to download a file into the ipad .n4)Bluetooth file transfers is between only idevices but u can have internet access through bluetooth n6)most of the free apps are unwanted and worst apps in I store n7)gui of ios looks simple and u get bored within a month of use , u feel like everything is restricted and options are very less n8)finally cost is very high

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Dont buy Apple, never

Apple restricts your freedom, you are under the monopoly of a company that cares least about your freedom to compute. You cannot look at the code, you are subjugated in all respects, you are forced to use thing like iTunes. There are much better products out there, which aren't made in china like Apple. My suggestion: avoid Apple at all cost and go for Android tablet with jellybean, as it simply Google has the best OS out there..

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A magnificent tablet!

I have been using the iPad 2 for over a year and till date I haven't experienced a single glitch. Lets get to the pros and cons:nPros:n * The touchscreen is sublime, but that's a known fact.n * Apple user interface though restricted in many ways, is very simple and easy to use.n * The iPad 2's design is simple but elegant and build quality is top notch (but always n use it with a cover).n * Don't go by the specs of this device, because my phone also has similar specs but n when it comes to performance the iPad 2 just smokes my Xperia U.n nCons:n * Movie viewing experience is average because of the format of the screen.n * There are restrictions in Apple devices which some people wont like.n * The biggest con perhaps is that the iPad 2 is now outdated. Two versions have n succeeded the iPad 2. It's more wise to spend a few thousands more and go for n the iPad 4 which will come out soon.nnThe iPad 2 or any other iPad for that matter, is a great companion, a fun device which you can buy if you have extra money to spend. However if you need to do hardcore work, go for laptops.

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