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Apple iPad Air 32GB WiFi
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Rs 31,900
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Apple iPad Air 32GB WiFi
Out of Stock
₹ 31,900
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Wow! is all i can say

I had a old iPad 1 and had not upgraded in years. But I was blown away by Air 2.nnPros:n- Great display, brilliant colors and PPIn- loved simple games like subway surfers, temple run and the standard fare, yet to try 3D intensive gamesn- decent camera, nothing to brag aboutn- epic zen garden with the unreal engine really pushes the gfx and performs greatnnCons:n- price, price, price! com'on Apple you cant be this greedynnGiven the really steep price its just making it unaffordable unless you are a real apple fan.

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IPAD if spoils after warranty (even after 1 day) is not repairable. Mine was just out of warranty for 20 days. I am at a loss. Apple is insisting I buy one more new one at 70% of the cost. Which is insane. It's like saying its an use and throw device. Please be careful before you make a decision to buy IPAD. I have lost my time and patience running around Apple service centers and customer support. IPAD IF GONE BAD IN ANY FORM IS NOT REPAIRABLE. YOU NEED TO BUY A NEW ONE !!!!! This is my Apple case ID if anyone is interested. 1050504324

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My First iPAD

This is my first IPAD experience. Although I have used my friends IPAD air before.nnMy personnel experience in 2 days of usage is awsome :)nnPROS;n1. Battery. Yes even though it has slightly less battery mah compared to ipad air, it is giving me great battery life. I have fully charged this and after 2 hours of web browsing, 2 hours of gaming and almost 12 hours standby, battery is still at 65% left which is great I beleive.n2. Great screen. Yes reflection is not much compared to previous models.n3. Camera looks good.n4. ToudhID :)nnCons;nStill to experience

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Great product but Apple Support in India sucks.

It's a great device, but you should pray that it doesn't go bad, and if it does, you are pretty much screwed, as Apple Support in India doesn't care, no matter how high in their support chain you reach. They will simply not acknowledge the issue, and try to shrug you off, and get you to get it repaired on your own, let alone replacing the device, as they do outside India.

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Amazing tablet, but not the best software experience.

This is the sleekest and lightest tablet in its class, available in the world.nnIt is a 9.7 inch tablet. For people who enjoy surfing the web, a 10 inch tablet is always better than a 7 inch tablet. The websites do not feel cramped on a 10 inch tablet.nnThe display at 2048 x 1536 pixels, with 264 ppi is gorgeous. There is a vast difference when you read an ebook on this tablet, compared to those cheap Android tablets.nnIf you have lots of PDF documents, books, tutorials, which are almost A4 size, then a 10 inch tablet offers a vastly improved reading experience. And with the iPad display and brightness, it really is an amazing experience.nnI am not a fan of Apple and really do hate iTunes, and the fact that I have to use it to sync my music and movies and books to the iPad. Even to add or extract data from apps, I need iTunes. Its far easier with Android. Its a real drawback. Its just so easy on an Android tablet. You can just copy and paste music with folder and sub-folders.nnThe movie player really sucks. I recommend installing VLC, and in iTunes, go to the Apps panel, and add the files into VLC. VLC is great, it plays all kinds of movies.nnIt comes with a lightning port for charging and data transfer. Not easily available when required. A micro-USB charger is so easy to get even if you forget the original at home.nnThere is HDMI out possible on this tablet, but we need to purchase a special, lightning to HDMI converter, which is around 2000+ rupees.nnIf you can live with the quirks of iTunes and are comfortable around syncing data through iTunes then buy this tablet. If you would prefer Android, there are quite a few cheaper options available. Sadly, Google Nexus 10 is not one of them.nnFrom the allote dcapacity, some of the capacity goes to the OS. In addition, there is one other part, called "Others". This keeps growing. After some time, this would be huge. And completely useless. It stores stuff like crash logs, caches etc. And iTunes does not help in cleaning this up. You will need to buy special softwares to clean this up.nnNot the best experience as far as software and ease of use, but the hardware is gorgeous and really what makes it stand apart.nnPros :nThe sleekest tablet available in the market.nIt is also the lightest tablet in its category.nHigh pixel density on the display.nnCons :nLightning port.nNeed iTunes to sync.nNo expandable memory.

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