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Apple iPad mini 16GB WiFi + Cellular
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Rs 27,900
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Apple iPad mini 16GB WiFi + Cellular
Out of Stock
₹ 27,900
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Don't go for this if u r a true geek

If u r a true geek don't buy this ever, and don't buy any apple productnnNo flash memory - you can't store any file which is unsupported by iPad formatnEvery transfer require iTunes n thus a computernU can send only one attachment at a time in a email except photo n videosnU can't transfer MS Office files even until n unless u buy supporting softwares which cost 1650 rsnnVery restricted, if u r geek then u will feel suffocatednnBuy - if u have to go for good responsive display, music quality, good processing, play gamesnnKick - if u r real techie

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I didn't knew that I would suffer this much

Its been more than a month since I got iPad mini. I had planned of many things of doing with an iPad mini. But I never expected to keep it with the service center for more than a month !!nnThe display had an issue since the very beginning. It was extremely yellowish in color. This problem was starkly evident on white background. This really ruined the apple experience for me.nnWhat is more heartening is that my friends who also got iPad mini at the same time, didn't had any problem like this. When I talked to apple customer care they gave me funny reasons like for India apple is providing yellow display. nnWhen I told them I checked with friends and other store I didn't find any yellow display they first decline to acknowledge that it is a problem. But when I send photos as a proof that the displays in other stores are fine, they said that its in the specification of apple to have both yellowish and normal display and I have to accept the display as is.nnI told them if this is the case then confirm it in mail that its apple specifications to have yellow display they declined to do so.nnNOW I ADVICE YOU TO NEVER BUY AN APPLE PRODUCT ONLINE AS ITS A PURE GAMBLE WHAT YOU WOULD GET. nnONCE YOU HAVE IT THEY ARE NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGING IT IS A PROBLEM. WHILE YOUR FRIENDS ENJOY APPLE EXPERIENCE, YOU WOULD BE STUCK UP WITH A YELLOW DISPLAY THAT WOULD RUIN AN APPLE EXPERIENCE FOR YOUnnI hope Flikpkart would take notice and help me out in this case as I have given up hopes on apple customer care

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What was ASUS thinking?

ASUS did India customers a disservice by launching Nexus 7 tab at double the price of what it is sold in US. Now with IPad Mini at 22K, no one will bother with Nexus 7 offering. Seriously what was ASUS thinking? These companies have to stop taking Indian customers for a ride with their unjustified pricing models.

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iPad miniwill make your day!!!!

Everyone here is telling Nexus 7 is better than ipad mini.....but nobody ever considers the actual thinking of common consumers.....not everyone is behind the best hardware config or the resolution.....To those people who hate apple's product,why do you even bother coming here and commenting....Yes the Nexus 7 (according to many Android fan boys ) maybe having the best specs......but the experience you get while using an Apple's device is Unbeatable .....the premium feel only tell that you got your moneys worth.....the service that Apple provides here is awesome....nnBut i do consider the fact that Apple's product is a little pricey .....but when you consider the end result ,it is totally worth spending for...nnThe interface is easy , simple .The form factor is correctly designed to hold in 1's hand....nVery less people get to experience these amazing products.....If you are planning on getting this , i say just go for will not regret it...nnBottom line -- Excellent built quality , premium experience that not even Android can provide , Does the work without any glitch's and irregularities ..... nApp store has 275,000 apps .....everyday apple adds nearly 129 apps to its app store....making it still more universally feasible nnExcellent service from Flipkart....nnThankyou

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Flipkart used to be the best shop sometimes back. Now run by greedy and miser people.

Apple iPad Mini is available on other eRetailers at less price than this site.nnThese guys seems to be loosing the valuable customers like me due to their don't care attitude and useless pricing system. Sincere request - Please fire the people who are responsible for pricing the goods. Though you guys have grown to be a multi-million eStore, if you guys don't keep up the habit of competitive pricing, customers will take their business else where.

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