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Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB
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Ideal culmination of small iPhones & large iPads

I am a big guy with big hands so buying a super sized smartphone was a no brainer for me. Hence, it goes without saying that I have been an Android user since stone age! I won't go into the usual boring stuffs of megapixels, ppi, number of cores, how much ram or that age old battle of iOS vs Android. My views are completely based on using the phone since a month as my daily driver. I have always believed that in terms of design & choice of materials, Apple is second to none. The touch & feel of the anodised aluminium can't be described with mere words. But there's a flip side to it of being extremely slippery. I haven't seen a smartphone display with such accurate colours & such insane amount of brightness output which gives it a huge boon for sunlight legibility. Apple has been known for creating industry leading smartphone cameras and I was mighty impressed with the focussing power, low light image quality & the ability to snap great looking photos consistently. Now, if there's one thing that I was completely blown away was the performance. It is so buttery smooth. I have played some of the most graphic intensive games like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, Max Payne, etc and that too, around 2 hours straight on many occasions & i didn't encounter a single frame drop or lag or heating issues. I used to hear about it but only after having experienced it myself that I agree that gaming is literally on a different level altogether on iOS. Coming to battery life, even for a heavy user like me, there hasn't been a single day where I have been able to discharge the battery completely. But what's even better is the unreal standby time. I go to sleep with around 20% charge and wake up after 6-7 hours with 16-17% charge still left! nnP.S. - The price disparity between Apple products in India & a country like USA is just plain jane stupid. Spending so much on a phone which you will not be using for more than 2 years is just too much no matter how great the phone is. All those issues regarding the bend-gate was way too much blown out of proportion. I always carry the phone in my trousers & jeans just like any of my previous phones & there's absolutely no problem at all.

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Good phone but not for the power user

Apple's iPhone series have been known for their simplistic approach. The overall eco system is made in the same manner. I bought this one for my wife as I know she aint a power user.nnPros:nnBest build quality.nBest camera.nTouchID is awesome. Best fingerprint scanner on a mobile device.nThe 240 fps slomo is the best. nCamera optics are awesome, the best out there with Optical Image Stabilization.nSimplistic approach towards the user interface.nConsistent performance across all apps i.e quick and simple.nExcellent gaming experience.nBattery life is quite decent. My wife charges her iPhone 6+ once every two days.nBuilt in hardware sensors for "Health" apps to measure the steps, elevation and distance.nI still love the readability mode on the safari browser.nnCons:nSuper slippery. You will need a skin or case if you are worried about damaging the phone.nRestricted eco system (Classic apple :) ), you still need iTunes or a software to transfer media.nNot many apps still make the right use of the large screen. Most of them are simply blown up to fit.nMulti tasking capabilities are still elementary.nLack of customization. You still cant add mobile data in the quick settings drawer or do anything else. What you see is basically what you get.

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Finally made the switch to iOS and quite comfortable with it

First things first - the delivery was prompt and it was from AAA deals (had opted for in-a-day delivery). The phone is very sleek and thin - might need a case if you have slippery hands. The build quality is excellent. Below review is from my own experience of switching from Galaxy S3 to this iphone 6+. nnThe cons: n1. The phone is big - if you have small hands/prefer smaller phones in general, this is not for you (especially existing iphone users - consider iphone 6 maybe). Existing Galaxy/Note series/Nexus 6 fans however might find it easy enough to get used to but.. n2. iOSnBeing an Android user myself till now, I think the features offered by iOS are nowhere a match for Android.. Power users will have to get used iOS a little. And most features that are in built into Android/Cyanogen are offered by paid apps in case of iOS. n3. DatanAlthough this is related to point 2 (iOS) rather than the phone itself, found it that big a deal to mention it separately.. iOS gobbles up data like mad, incremental upgrades aren't as efficient as Android (OS updates) and even regular apps are way heavier.. For e.g. consider this, Google sheets, that's 30-40 MB on android, is more than 110 MB in iOS. Considering android has to support more resolutions and phone models than iphone, I think this is gross inefficiency.. nThe pros:nThe advantages now:n1. Battery:nThe phone lasts 1.5-2 days easily with both location and background app refresh (sync) on all the time. My phone still has 9% despite 8 hours of usage and 32 hours of standby (after plugged out of full charge yesterday morning). That's a good 40 hours of usage. On the other hand, I'm yet to hear about an android phone that lasts more than a day with Sync, Google now and location set to on - even the nexus 6 would barely last a few hours more than a day.. This is not an understatement - this is easily the best phone in terms of battery life today (To be fair, worthy competitors in android are Note 4, Oneplus One, Nexus 6 & Moto Turbo - all of them come close but not quite matching up to this) n2. Camera:nThe camera is still 8 MP, but has digital and optical image stabilization. Shoots fast and quite good - functions so smoothly. Low light photography works great. The only better phone cameras out there (in Android) are Galaxy s6 and LG G4. And considering this is just 8 MP but still matches up with the best cameras out there, the file size difference is quite an advantage.. n3. iOS:nAlthough it has its pains, iOS still has its advantages - the entire OS feels very smooth and lag free (can't stress this enough - even the best of the Android phones starts lagging after six months or so). Even other minor features - the passbook, Stocks, Apple health all of them have equivalent Android apps, but the tight integration with the core OS is much better here. Also - iTunes sync - a lot of people might hate it, but this is still the best software to sync playlists and songs. To give you an example, you can even set a track to play only between the start of minute 2 and 3 on your desktop, and the same will get synced on to your iphone/ipod (tried removing preludes in a song anyone?) nSo yes, this phone has its advantages and disadvantages - but at the end of the day if you just want a smartphone to last long, shoot great photos and are ready to experiment with iOS a little, I think this is for you. Considering the best android phones are almost the same price (S6/S6 edge) and given that they run Touchwiz, this decision was a no-brainer after all :)

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good phone..Better with a case

Phone wasn't available in apple stores and had to pay an advance so i ordered it on Flipkart and the phone was delivered in 2 days on diwali.Perfect Timing.As far as the phone is considered for all those who thought iphone was too small this phone wont disappoint.Its the perfect phone for all you phablet fans who wanted an apple product. nBiggest and only drawback is its the thinnest and lightest phone you'll ever find and its made of aluminum, so it feels like it can bend very easily. Hence, buy a good case before you buy the phone. Not complaining about the price as apple products have never been on the cheaper side.

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I had deliberately delayed writing a review for this purchase of mine by a week so that I could provide prospective buyers with an informed review. I ordered the Apple iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB (Gold) on FlipKart on Thursday 13th November 2014, and true to their word, the retailer WS-Retail and FlipKart ensured that I received the phone via the guaranteed Next-Day Delivery Service on Friday 14th November 2014. KUDOS to Both on the Fantastic Service..!!! nnIt's only obvious that, like many Apple fans, I've been waiting for this iteration of the iPhone, and when it was announced that the phone would come in 2 screen sizes, i.e. the 4.7 inch iP6 and the 5.5 inch iP6 was a No-Brainer for me..!! I was gunning for the 6 Plus from the get go..!!! I had pre-ordered the phone from a local reseller, only to be disappointed at the launch at midnight on 17 October 2014 here in Chennai because the reseller had received extremely limited stock of both models and because demand had outstripped supply 10:1 (1 phone delivered for every 10 orders made). This situation continued for the next 3 weeks as resellers across India struggled to cope with the massive demand for the phone. Eventually, I turned to FlipKart as a last resort..and lo behold..there was ONE I cancelled with the reseller and bought it on FlipKart!!!nnI've been using the phone for a week now..and it has been a surreal experience for me. Please know that this is not an exaggeration...Apple has delivered a masterpiece (albeit delayed when compared to its rivals)...Doubts were raised over the sheer size of the 6 Plus considering that it is a break from Apple's USP of a phone that fits and can be used in one hand, and whether it would be awkward even for regular iPhone users like me...At first, it does come across as a major difference for me who, like every other iPhone user before this, had an iP4/4S or 5/5S...It will take a bit of time getting used to, but I'm perfectly fine with that...A lot has been written since the launch of the phone...BendGate, HairGate, Battery issues, Software glitches, blah blah blah...I have not experienced any of the above in this one week (fingers crossed !!!), but what I have experienced is an ABSOLUTE CRACKER of a smartphone which is brilliant to look at and hold, and virtually seamless in its functioning...the Battery life has definitely improved from the iPhone 4's and 5's...The past 3 days before this review have been super-busy for me in terms of phone usage...and I mean serious usage..Voice and video calls, e-mails, browsing, gaming, Skype and Vonage calls, Whatsapping, working on office docs, YouTube videos, GPS via Google Maps, etc...essentially everything that a smartphone is meant for...and on each day, I came back home and there was still about 50-51% battery about real improvement..!!! The OS is smooth and very very fast..multiple apps can be opened and kept open for long without any substantial compromise on the speed and efficiency of the OS or the smoothness of the for OS-8, I'm still having mixed has great potential and so much more can be done to make it much better...I only hope the boys in Cupertino figure it out soon...!!! Gaming on this phone is SHEER packs some serious support in terms of processor speed and graphics that makes playing heavy games like Infinity Blade, FIFA 2014, etc. a truly rewarding experience...I also love the fact that Apple has made great use of the real estate on that 5.5 inch screen with the new landscape mode for the home screen...As for the camera, I've never been the one to want a 15MP or 41MP camera on my smartphone..and besides, iPhone cameras have NEVER been far behind the competition when it comes to the quality, depth and clarity of pictures and videos taken on its phones...So no complaints for me with the camera on the iP6 Plus, be it with the photos or selfies or videos.nnTo sum up..I think its been worth the wait for me...Personally speaking, I love my new iPhone 6 Plus and couldn't have made a better investment...Awesome Days Ahead...!!!

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