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Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB
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Rs 33,999
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Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB
Out of Stock
₹ 33,999
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Rs 82000? Seriously?

One Iphone 6S Plus = I Pad Mini 2 + Moto G3 + Nikon D 5200 + Lenovo G50-80(Laptop) + Mi Power Bank + ChromeCast + MI Band + Sennheiser CX275

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I bought a bike for 90k and it's faster than the 6s!!

Well jokes apart, it doesn't make sense to buy such a small thing for such a huge price, especially when you can get other phones which give you near about the same or even better performances at nearly one third the price of this Iphone.nNo problems with the phone, it's best in its class,nBut do you really wanna shelve 92 k just to brag that you have an Iphone?, spending money doesn't take a second, but earning does take a lot of time and effort, While the rich may have it obviously, but the middle class which is the majority, what about them?.nI myself want one 6s but only when I think that the thing will be worth the price I will pay for it. 4 stars for the masterpeice apple creates every 6 months. One star less for the astounding pricing policy.n92k for a phone, are you serious...

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Returned the phone but satisfied with flipkart service.

I totally appreciate Flipkart's service, I got phone which is having manufacturer defect and Flipkart accepted for refund after verifying, fast in service and reliable.

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Wolf in sheep's clothing

Apple iPhone has changed the way we use the mobile phone, back in the days when it brought down the biggest cellphone company( Nokia) with ease, the phone has since then drastically changed.This phone is all about the user experience right from unboxing to sending a message or taking a call. Why do people use the iPhone, why did I pay a fortune for this phone and why do I feel happy every time I use it?1) the iPhone has a minimalistic design approach. The home button could have been removed, but Apple found that the fingerprint sensor would help with security. Now other manufacturers are following them.2) they have their own software and App Store, which gives Apple full control on the user experience, content and security.3) There is much more security in an iPhone compared to any other cellphone in the market. The user is in complete control of the information on his phone. Apps don't share information among themselves automatically unless and until you have given approval.4) they have redefined how we listen to music.5) although the sharing capabilities donot exist, like android, there are workaround for that. We can use family sharing with members in our family so that everyone in family can make use of purchased content and apps.Con:the only con that the iPhone has is its price, Which is why I have given it only 2 stars, technology has made life easier for us, but companies making these amazing products are obsessed with making money like never before. India is also the land of middle men, these middle men are powerful and can easily hike the price of anything right from food grains and pulses to technology. We are paying a significantly higher price than the Americans or people in Hongkong, even though there is much more poverty and hunger in our country.People are ending their lives because they don't have enough money to support their family eg. Some farmers of draught prone lands.Every time I use my iPhone it gives out a small sense of guilt in my conscience. And this guilt never goes away.I have donated my last phone to someone who couldn't afford it and I have vowed never to buy an apple product henceforth, even though I can easily afford it. Technology has improved a lot over the past 5 yrs and the purpose will be served with a Rs 10 k phone.It's time for the suppliers and manufacturers to do something for our people show us that they care.I never found a meaningful advice/ review before I purchased it, I've been using the iPhone for 3 yrs and now I just can't bear the sight of one.Using an iPhone is an outright insult that points out to the glaring economic inequality in our society.So I humbly urge you to not make the mistake that I have, just look the other way and buy that cheap android phone, there is no point showing off an iPhone because you already know that by next year it's gonna be half of what it's worth now, so if you're wise and smart, make the smart decision.

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Best phone in the world.

Thank God for making this wonderful phone at the cheap price of ?92,000. I now regularly call up the International Space Station and the Mars Rover missions and interface with the Hubble telescope in my spare time. Iphone gives me a swedish massage after i come home and cooks italian food too. There is a small port in the side from which premium single malt flows out. I am blessed to have been born when iPhone 6s was there on earth.

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